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Easter & Password Protected Post Soon


Happy Easter folks! Well, a day late, but it’s the thought that counts right? I hope you all had a great day celebrating with your families.  Do you have any Easter traditions? The Easter bunny came by our place and left the boys baskets filled with milk chocolate bunnies, bubbles, mini chocolate eggs, rubber duckies and a few dvds.  Lachlan was very excited!  Sunday afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt in our backyard.  Lachlan made out like a bandit! He found a whole basketful! It was made me so happy to see the excitement on his face….he was so proud of finding them all…and they were in some tricky spots too! (Side note: Cael found FOUR!! ).







The birthday girl had an awesome 30th birthday bash!  Unfortunately, it rained (boo!), but we moved the party indoors for a little while, then were able to head back outside again.  Folks stayed until midnight and, most importantly, K had a blast! Our pergola is complete (K and her dad built it themselves) and we have been enjoying being outside with the boys more often.  We planted yellow jasmine to climb the sides of the pergola (eventually will cover the top we hope!) and have hung up a few ferns.  We put up two hammock swings as well and Cael is IN LOVE.  That’s all he wants to do when we’re outside now! So happy we have a little getaway in our yard…… here is a photo without the swings up…..



K is starting to get really busy at the t-shirt shop, thanks to several blog folks for sending business our way! We appreciate it and I love that you guys are supporting local small businesses such as ours.  As always, if you have screen printing needs (12+ pieces or more, and price breaks at large quantities) please shoot me an email.  We are all word of mouth and do not go off of a website.  We can design something for you or work with what you have and ship throughout the US via U.P.S. Ground.  Email anytime at lachlanandcael at hotmail dot com.

Upcoming post will be password protected.  Please email me at lachlanandcael at hotmail dot com for the password.  If you live in the Richmond area password will not be given out.

The Limp Is Gone!

So happy to write those words 🙂  Thanks, guys, for all the encouraging comments about Lachy.  They were greatly appreciated!!! Apparently, the lady we spoke with over the phone had no freaking idea what she was talking about when she mentioned Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Way to worry some Mamas for no good reason! The doctor of Pediatric Orthopedics set our minds at ease and concluded that Lachlan must have been sick without us knowing it (seriously!) – it went throughout his body and the illness caused a limp! The ibuprofen knocked it out of his system because the LIMP IS GONE! We are so relieved and thankful that he is walking and running around like a normal 3 year old now.  Obviously, if the limp returns, he wants to see us back – but a few weeks since the follow up, and (thankfully) we have nothing to report.  Happy Mamas.

Here are some recent photos of the kidlets, as promised.  We are having a spring photoshoot a few weeks from now…looking forward to new photos of the kiddos (with Lach’s hair longer than buzz-length…did I ever tell you the story about that!?).

In other news, I’ve been decorating a little more lately 🙂  Our house was built in the 30’s and has quite a bit of charm if I do say so myself.  We have beautiful stone above our fireplace/mantle, but it’s been needing some special touches in the way of decor.  I’ve been playing around with ideas on what to do with it (just had a few candles on it before) and finally settled on an antique-looking decorative piece to be the focal point for the middle of the mantle with some apothecary jars filled with spring decor and greenery on each side. I managed to fit 2 candlesticks on there too without it looking cluttered.  I’m really happy with how it turned out ( and it’s motivating me to decorate a few other areas of the house! Oh, and we finally finished the built-in-corner-hutch a few months ago.  Photos on that soon.  Holy project batman.  It took several days of hard work, but after stripping the old paint (actually had to have the drawer and doors dipped to removed 7, yes, SEVEN layers of old lead-based paint), applying 2 coats of new paint and adding fresh hardware… looks 800% better!!! We are working on the yard a lot too – the grass looks really nice, but it’s basically just that – grass! With one nice walkway leading into the middle of the yard (where there is NOTHING but grass).  Well, Karli turns the big 3-0 next month and I plan on throwing her a big bday bash, complete with a new patio set I’ve been saving saving saving for! (K and her dad are putting down the wood patio flooring this week).   We have the A.llen & R.oth fireplace in the back yard already (thank you L.owes display discount!) and I have plans for a fish pond/waterfall down the road.   Can’t wait to begin hanging outside with the boys more now that we’ll have some seating!  I imagine we’ll be entertaining a lot more soon.

That’s all for now folks.  How are you guys doing!?

Ps.  Sent our donor a text a few hours ago that we have decided to go ahead with plans for #3.  Nervous, but excited.  Trying not to overthink the decision and just see what happens down the road.  We’re willing to give it a go!


Is anyone still reading??? Sorry it’s been so long friends.  Life has kept me so busy, and I’ve intended to write – really. I had a list of things in my head and so wanted to write a post, then something would pull me away (or we would have no electricity…more details on that in bullets below), and it just seemed there was never enough time.   And so, more and more things build to write about, and then it just seems so overwhelming.  Where to begin?  I must make more of an effort to write as I love you all and love being involved in this community.  How do you guys stay motivated to write regularly when it seems there’s not a moment to breathe? I have just gotten Cael down for a nap, am between making lunch for the 2 and 3/4 year old and folding a massive stack of no-longer-warm laundry, but am going to use this time to post some things that have been going on in our family.  Bullets are a must this time…

  • Karli went to visit some extended family in Florida with her Dad and 2 brothers.  I was a single parent for 5 days.  Holy crap I missed her….
  • Hurricane Irene hit us….thankfully no one was hurt and our home wasn’t badly damaged.  BUT, we lost power on that Saturday at 1pm and didn’t get it back on until Wednesday evening.  Five days and then four nights by candlelight with no A/C was not the most fun.  We lost everything in the fridge and freezer and lost a chunk of our big tree in the back yard.  We also had a section of the tree in our front yard fall on our roof.  Not good.  It hung on a power line and remained on our roof for until last Thursday……we have some damage to our roof, but nothing major.  Very thankful for that!
  • We decided to re-home our sweet great dane, Lucy.  She is an amazing dog, but we felt like she was better suited to be the ONLY dog in a family.  She wanted to be the only one getting the attention, and our beagles were really being affected by it.  She was sweet as could be around the kids, but Lachlan wasn’t comfortable running around in the backyard because he could easily be knocked down or hit by her tail by accident.  It was a hard decision to say the least…but one we knew was the best thing for her and us.  We found a family that had just lost their great dane a year ago, and they have 4 children and no other pets.  They just ADORE her and she is getting all the attention and love she could possible have.  It was a perfect fit.
  • We had The Lowers come visit and stay the night with Delaney, Julia & Charlotte.  Lachlan loved them and we had a great time! Already looking forward to next year….
  • K and I have finnnnally made a decision to go on vacation! Yes, we have never gone on vacation together….can you believe it?? We have been together for 10 years this November.  Insane.  We’re going big and going all out for our anniversary, Christmas, and Lachlan’s birthday.  We have booked 12 nights (weeee! so excited even typing that) at a 5-star resort in Orlando Dec 23rd-Jan 4th.  We will have Christmas in Orlando and celebrate Lachlan’s 3rd birthday at D.isney! We are staying in a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom with a heated private pool and huge resort pool with water slides.  The resort has a mini-golf, 3 playgrounds, workout room and more.  We can’t wait.
  • I chopped my hair again after letting it grow out.  Donated it to l.ocks of love, too, which was awesome.  I’ve started trying to exercise more often too.  Jogging a few nights a week when the kiddos go to bed early and trying (I stress TRYING) to eat less chocolate.  I so love chocolate 😦  I’m about 20-25 lbs below my pre-preggo weight with Cael, so feeling pretty good about that.  Would ideally like to lose another 10-15 pounds to reach my goal weight…but just taking it slow.  This girl is never getting in a bikini, that’s for sure.  Maybe some women don’t get stretch marks with 9+ lb babies?
  • In just 9 days, Cael will be one year old.  He is a sweet, chunky, 5 toothed ball of cuteness.  He puts himself to bed every night and sleeps through the night (no nursing!).  He has been an excellent teether and is generally pretty happy most of the time.  His favourite things are E.LMO (in all forms) and the L.ittle C.ritter books.  We have gone through 4 books with him….he carries them around everywhere and kisses L.ittle C.ritter on each page.  It’s hilarious and absolutely adorable.  I cannot believe he’s going to be a year old.  The time just goes by much too quickly.  I have cherished every moment watching him grow up this year.  A little sad that I’m losing my baby though….
  • We got Lachlan’s hair cut for the 2nd time professionally.  Only this time he LOVED it.  He is still obsessed with all things noisy and electric (and usually dangerous)….hairdryers, fans, vacuums, dog clippers, scissors, hair straighteners, drills, weedeaters, lawnmowers and the like…..SO, he loved that the hairdresser used the razor on the back of his hair AND the hairdryer.  He loved it so much that the following night he decided to give HIMSELF a hair cut.  That was nice.  He used the dog clippers.  As soon as I heard them buzzing I ran in….but it was too late.  OH well….it’ll grow…….
  • There’s much more, but the boys are drawing me away…..Some recent photos (including one of Lachlan’s hair PRE-DOG-CLIPPERS-CUT):

T-Shirts and More

Need t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc for your business or upcoming event? What about team jerseys or embroidery? Shoot me a message at tiffreynolds at hotmail dot com.  We are a screen printing wholesaler that can ship throughout the US.  We can come up with a design for you or work with the one you have.  We are affordable (woo hoo!), have a great turnaround time and do QUALITY work.  K prints everything herself and doesn’t let anything leave the shop that doesn’t look awesome! We are a manual screen printing shop that is capable of printing up to 6 colors.  Normally a 12 piece minimum and price breaks for large quantities.  Pricing is based on locations (front print only vs. front, back and sleeve for example), colors (the fewer the colors the cheaper the cost), and quantity (price breaks at 72+ and 144+ pieces). Feel free to write me with any questions you may have.

Ps. Regular post coming soon.  Lots to blog about, just busy busy at the shop and trying to keep the momentum going!!!


Memorial Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  We had a great one that included lots of kisses, sunscreen & sunshine, swimming, brunch, manicures, no naps & early bedtimes, laundry, fresh baked cookies and chinese take-out.  Such a good weekend I really didn’t want it to end……Oh, I almost forgot…..we got a TOOTH this weekend too!

My angel baby….I knew he was teething….but he has been so good through it all! I remember (and I’m sure you do as well!) being up night after night after night with Lachlan as he was teething and screaming (got his first tooth at 11 months). We were armed back then with C.amilia, T.ylenol and O.rajel and NONE of it seemed to help.  Cael hasn’t needed anything and is sleeping just the same as he was months ago (nursing on and off throughout the night).  He HAS been wearing the amber teething necklace constantly though.  I may be sold on those things now.  Lachlan never kept his on long enough for me to know if it really worked!

Lachlan is becoming a big kid before my eyes.  Talking in sentences now, drawing pictures (that actually resemble real things!) and totally wanting to do things ALL BY HIMSELF now! I wonder when we should start thinking about preschool………nah, not for awhile…..

Also, I’ve mentioned Z.ulily before, and many of you guys joined (smart folks!).  If you haven’t, click the link to join and get amazing daily deals for moms, babies and kids! We have gotten great stuff for birthdays and Christmas already for a fraction of the retail price!

Some photos from the weekend 🙂

Spring Has Arrived!

Spring has finally arrived and we are loving it.  Windows are open, flowers are blooming and Lachlan is spending most of each day outside again.  He is becoming more and more independent and plays outdoors for longer stretches without needing me.  We got him a sand table last week and he’s very into it!  Looking into getting him a non-wooden playset for him for the back yard.  Looking for some cool ones and pricing them out now.  New flowers are on the porch, and we are growing our own tomatoes and strawberries this year! Looking forward to weeks of beautiful weather ahead before things start getting hot here in Richmond.

Very excited about the following news and somewhat afraid to jinx it by typing it out…but here we go:  I THINK LACHLAN MAY BE POTTY TRAINED.   Today is the 2nd day with NO pee or poop in the diaper!  (He will not wear pull-ups, so wears undies at the house and diapers when we’re out).  He has successfully peed at T.arget, and pees and poops in his potty at K’s shop and at home!  I sometimes have to remind him, and other times he tells me on his own (can say “pee pee” or “poo poo” now, or will just point to his parts!).  We give him big hugs and cheer every time…no candy or other treats….but he does get to flush the toilet when we dump the pee or poop and he really seems to enjoy that! Ha! Very excited and hoping to say bye to diapers for Lach for good very soon!

In other Lach news, we had his early intervention appointment about 3 weeks ago.  He was NOT happy in the beginning, knowing he was being watched.  He finally calmed down after awhile and did all the things they wanted him to do.  Turns out that he doesn’t qualify for early intervention.  About 2 months ago, he had 5 words.  Now he has about 45!  New words in the past few weeks:  Hammer, Potty, Happy, Love You (“Wuv UUUU”) Bye Bye, Hi!, Screwdriver.  We think he’s just moving at his own pace and are really excited that he doesn’t need any assistance!

Our sweet Cael turned 6 months old yesterday and is still the ANGEL BABY.  He is eating rice cereal now daily, along with new favs:  peas, carrots and egg yolks! He smiles constantly and is just so happy!  He makes my heart smile…corny, yes, but so true!

And, now, for a little bit of Cael’s hysterical laughter……