Who Am I?


Partner to K for 10 years….

Mommy to Lachlan, born 12.29.08 at home…

and Cael, born 09.20.10 at home in the water…

28 years old

From Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Living in Richmond, Virginia…

With a house full of animals (3 beagles, 1 english bulldog & a himalayan cat!).


15 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. hi. congrats!
    i’ve been searching for gay/lesbian ttc blogs and came across yours (there aren’t many out there) thank god! my parnter and i just keep ending up on fertility boards (because we are doing IUI) that can feel really hopeless – so it’s nice to land here.

    we just did our first IUI in March and I got preggers – alas, it ended this week 😦 so, it’s try, try again.

    looking forward to reading all about your pregnancy journey!

  2. Just come across this whilst looking up OPKs. Always enjoy reading positive stories on blogs – feel priviledged in some stupid way of happening across this only a few days after the BFP.
    All the best x

  3. I love your site! Thanks for sharing your story with us. We are inseminating for the first time this week (IUI) so it is great to see positive outcomes! Good luck with your journey.

  4. Tiff,

    Thanks for visiting my blog – and thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I love your blog, and appreciate your good wishes.


  5. Hi guys, just wanted to let pass on a link in case you wanted to share it with your community: :

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    Kickstarter link:

    All the best,

    Christy Tyner (author of Zak’s Safari)

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