Fall Photos

ImageHello? Is anyone there? There is a lot of dust that needs to be cleared away on this blog, eh!?  I will work on that and hope to be back with more words soon.  But, for now, we’re still alive and well.  Our boys are growing fast and I’m continually amazed with them.  They are the light of my life.  This morning, when K went to vote, Lachlan insisted he go with her.  After she cast her vote (allowing him to actually do the VOTING part on the screen) he proudly proclaimed, “I did it Mama! I voted for B.arack O.bama!” Quite a few people turned to look at him, as the place was verrry quiet.  An older lady came over to them and said that it was a moment she would always remember and how she was so uneasy this morning going to the polls.  After seeing him she said her mind was at now at ease and she commended K for how we were obviously raising him “right”.  Proud Mommy over here!

Time has flown since I’ve updated you all.  We have a 2 year old now AND an almost-4-year-old. Can you believe it!?? Here’s proof!! xoImage











6 thoughts on “Fall Photos

  1. Hello there. Im here! A new reader who had to comment on how gorgeous your children are and what beautiful those photos of them are.
    Great experience for your son to help his mama vote. You have a NZer here with fingers crossed that Obama makes it back in!

  2. Um LOVE the knit sweaters! Where did you get them! I need to seriously update D’s wardrobe! You are looking great mama! LOVE that L went with K to vote!
    ❤ you four!

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