A Call For Help: Raising Money for CAEMON (Reproducing Genius)

Will you PLEASE share? We need to blow the Reproducing Genius girls away with our support for their son, Caemon:

Alright folks, t-shirt orders are a GO as of RIGHT NOW to raise money for Caemon. $20 each including shipping to you. PLEASE tell ALL your friends and family. We have until NEXT FRIDAY to get as many orders as possible. All you need to do is buy ONE t-shirt (or more!).  Can you do that? 100% of the profits go to helping Caemon. I want us to be able to sell a TON of these. Please post on your blog, email your friends, share with your family and coworkers, post on your wall….etc. You can order YOUTH XS (2-4), S (6-8), M (10-12), L (14-16), XL (18-20) or ADULT (S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X) t-shirts. Accepting orders NOW through next Friday August 31st. Please email me at lachlanandcael@hotmail.com with your order (size, quantity & mailing address) and I will email you back with the paypal address to send payment to. Let’s support Caemon!!!


8 thoughts on “A Call For Help: Raising Money for CAEMON (Reproducing Genius)

  1. Thank you ALL for spreading the word. We have sold 116 so far. We have a goal of 200. It is VERY doable. Please keep telling those you know….2.5 more days to get orders in! Thanks guys.

      • Yes, Raine, I can! We are having a reorder in about 3 weeks.
        Shoot me your order and I’ll hold on to it until we are ready in a few weeks. Just asking if folks would add $5 for international orders. I tried emailing you, but it bounced back.

        Whereabouts are you located? I grew up in the Toronto, ON area.

        Do you play hockey? (Saw your email address and wondered!).


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