Easter & Password Protected Post Soon


Happy Easter folks! Well, a day late, but it’s the thought that counts right? I hope you all had a great day celebrating with your families.  Do you have any Easter traditions? The Easter bunny came by our place and left the boys baskets filled with milk chocolate bunnies, bubbles, mini chocolate eggs, rubber duckies and a few dvds.  Lachlan was very excited!  Sunday afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt in our backyard.  Lachlan made out like a bandit! He found a whole basketful! It was made me so happy to see the excitement on his face….he was so proud of finding them all…and they were in some tricky spots too! (Side note: Cael found FOUR!! ).







The birthday girl had an awesome 30th birthday bash!  Unfortunately, it rained (boo!), but we moved the party indoors for a little while, then were able to head back outside again.  Folks stayed until midnight and, most importantly, K had a blast! Our pergola is complete (K and her dad built it themselves) and we have been enjoying being outside with the boys more often.  We planted yellow jasmine to climb the sides of the pergola (eventually will cover the top we hope!) and have hung up a few ferns.  We put up two hammock swings as well and Cael is IN LOVE.  That’s all he wants to do when we’re outside now! So happy we have a little getaway in our yard…… here is a photo without the swings up…..



K is starting to get really busy at the t-shirt shop, thanks to several blog folks for sending business our way! We appreciate it and I love that you guys are supporting local small businesses such as ours.  As always, if you have screen printing needs (12+ pieces or more, and price breaks at large quantities) please shoot me an email.  We are all word of mouth and do not go off of a website.  We can design something for you or work with what you have and ship throughout the US via U.P.S. Ground.  Email anytime at lachlanandcael at hotmail dot com.

Upcoming post will be password protected.  Please email me at lachlanandcael at hotmail dot com for the password.  If you live in the Richmond area password will not be given out.


10 thoughts on “Easter & Password Protected Post Soon

  1. these pictures are beautiful, really stunning! i can’t believe how big L is getting! when did he turn from a baby/toddler into a KID?!?!

    could i have the pw for the upcoming protected post?

  2. is the password still the same? Would love to continue following along – good to see you posting again, was wondering how life with your two little men have been coming along! Everyone is getting so big!

  3. Would love to be able to continue following along. (ok, so I’ve totally been around for a while as I looooved your birth story with L…totally fell like a stalker.) But would love the password if you’re so inclined. Thanks!

  4. I’d love to keep reading! I tried to email you but it bounced back. I have two boys the same age as yours 🙂 Oh – and I live in Australia!

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