The Limp Is Gone!

So happy to write those words 🙂  Thanks, guys, for all the encouraging comments about Lachy.  They were greatly appreciated!!! Apparently, the lady we spoke with over the phone had no freaking idea what she was talking about when she mentioned Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Way to worry some Mamas for no good reason! The doctor of Pediatric Orthopedics set our minds at ease and concluded that Lachlan must have been sick without us knowing it (seriously!) – it went throughout his body and the illness caused a limp! The ibuprofen knocked it out of his system because the LIMP IS GONE! We are so relieved and thankful that he is walking and running around like a normal 3 year old now.  Obviously, if the limp returns, he wants to see us back – but a few weeks since the follow up, and (thankfully) we have nothing to report.  Happy Mamas.

Here are some recent photos of the kidlets, as promised.  We are having a spring photoshoot a few weeks from now…looking forward to new photos of the kiddos (with Lach’s hair longer than buzz-length…did I ever tell you the story about that!?).

In other news, I’ve been decorating a little more lately 🙂  Our house was built in the 30’s and has quite a bit of charm if I do say so myself.  We have beautiful stone above our fireplace/mantle, but it’s been needing some special touches in the way of decor.  I’ve been playing around with ideas on what to do with it (just had a few candles on it before) and finally settled on an antique-looking decorative piece to be the focal point for the middle of the mantle with some apothecary jars filled with spring decor and greenery on each side. I managed to fit 2 candlesticks on there too without it looking cluttered.  I’m really happy with how it turned out ( and it’s motivating me to decorate a few other areas of the house! Oh, and we finally finished the built-in-corner-hutch a few months ago.  Photos on that soon.  Holy project batman.  It took several days of hard work, but after stripping the old paint (actually had to have the drawer and doors dipped to removed 7, yes, SEVEN layers of old lead-based paint), applying 2 coats of new paint and adding fresh hardware… looks 800% better!!! We are working on the yard a lot too – the grass looks really nice, but it’s basically just that – grass! With one nice walkway leading into the middle of the yard (where there is NOTHING but grass).  Well, Karli turns the big 3-0 next month and I plan on throwing her a big bday bash, complete with a new patio set I’ve been saving saving saving for! (K and her dad are putting down the wood patio flooring this week).   We have the A.llen & R.oth fireplace in the back yard already (thank you L.owes display discount!) and I have plans for a fish pond/waterfall down the road.   Can’t wait to begin hanging outside with the boys more now that we’ll have some seating!  I imagine we’ll be entertaining a lot more soon.

That’s all for now folks.  How are you guys doing!?

Ps.  Sent our donor a text a few hours ago that we have decided to go ahead with plans for #3.  Nervous, but excited.  Trying not to overthink the decision and just see what happens down the road.  We’re willing to give it a go!


10 thoughts on “The Limp Is Gone!

  1. Glad that Lach is feeling back to normal and that the limp is gone! I can’t wait to see pictures of all these projects, they all sound like they were fun, hard work and I’m sure the results are beeeeautiful! HOORAY for #3!!!! wow!!! 🙂 Go you & K!!!!

  2. Your house sounds charming! Ours was built in 1937 as well, so we know where your challenges are coming from. Your yard plans sound great, too. Just make sure you get frogs to eat up all those mosquitoes!

  3. It’s been a while … glad to read, that you and the boys are fine ( yay to the absent limp!!!)

    TTC # 3. This is so cute!!!!! Congrats and I can’t wait!!!

    • …. sorry, I meant it has been a while since I was here…. RL is keeping me busy

      I really love your place and can’t wait for the pictures of your latest projects. I fell in love with your kitchen… 🙂

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