Family of Four

Hey folks!  How are you guys doing? We’ve been busy at the shop, with the kidlets and life in general these days.  Hope everyone had a great July 4th (and July 1st for my fellow Canadians).  We threw a Canada Day partaay at our place Friday night and played cornhole (bean bag toss), had too much pizza and ate some serious cake (see photo above).  Nobody should eat that much cake….oi.  We celebrated K’s dad’s birthday on Saturday with a big breakfast (yay, more food!), giving gifts, hanging out and then a big dinner (holy more food!).  It was a really nice few days!  We had to work July 4th, but it was sooo hot that we wouldn’t have wanted to do much outside anyway.  Hope you guys got to enjoy a relaxing weekend with your families and friends too 🙂

Cael turned 9 months old on the 20th of June and his 2nd tooth is breaking through the bottom gums now.  That amber teething necklace is still doing wonders for him!  He is such a happy boy and I just fall more and more in love with him every day.  He is “talking” now constantly “mummummum” “dadadadadadadada”. I love hearing new sounds coming from him and his laugh makes me so so happy 🙂 I feel blessed that I get to spend my days with him.   Cael’s new favourite thing is taking a bath in the sink….he loves the sprayer hitting his tummy and tries to grab it!

AF returned when Cael turned 8 months (same time it returned after Lachy was born) and it decided to show up again after 23 days! WTH? I am seriously hoping this doesn’t become a normal thing.  Have you ever experienced this with your postpartum periods? It feels kinda strange to not be charting and keeping track of every little thing related to my cycles…but another baby isn’t on the horizon any time soon for us.  I have let my FF membership expire for the first time since 2007…. (sadly, yes….) knowing that I can renew again if we decide to TTC#3 in the future.  Karli and I have talked about it a lot the past few months.  Some days I really want another one, and other days I am really really complete with K and my two boys.  We have a perfect balance, the right size house and vehicle…..and a third child would mean big big changes.  We are leaving the door open a crack….if we want to go down that road later on….we can.  But for now, we are a family of four with plans to stay that way…

Lachlan is saying everything imaginable now and I am so proud of him.  Ever since he was potty trained a few months ago, he hasn’t had a single accident and has worn undies to bed every night (woke me up one night so he could go potty!). So proud of him!  He is still struggling in the sleep dept…so he is sleeping in the bed with me.  One thing at a time, right? Love him to pieces.