Memorial Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend.  We had a great one that included lots of kisses, sunscreen & sunshine, swimming, brunch, manicures, no naps & early bedtimes, laundry, fresh baked cookies and chinese take-out.  Such a good weekend I really didn’t want it to end……Oh, I almost forgot…..we got a TOOTH this weekend too!

My angel baby….I knew he was teething….but he has been so good through it all! I remember (and I’m sure you do as well!) being up night after night after night with Lachlan as he was teething and screaming (got his first tooth at 11 months). We were armed back then with C.amilia, T.ylenol and O.rajel and NONE of it seemed to help.  Cael hasn’t needed anything and is sleeping just the same as he was months ago (nursing on and off throughout the night).  He HAS been wearing the amber teething necklace constantly though.  I may be sold on those things now.  Lachlan never kept his on long enough for me to know if it really worked!

Lachlan is becoming a big kid before my eyes.  Talking in sentences now, drawing pictures (that actually resemble real things!) and totally wanting to do things ALL BY HIMSELF now! I wonder when we should start thinking about preschool………nah, not for awhile…..

Also, I’ve mentioned Z.ulily before, and many of you guys joined (smart folks!).  If you haven’t, click the link to join and get amazing daily deals for moms, babies and kids! We have gotten great stuff for birthdays and Christmas already for a fraction of the retail price!

Some photos from the weekend 🙂


Picnic At The Playground

Hello bloggy friends! It’s been a busy few weeks with many days where naps don’t happen….no naps usually equal no blogging!  They both are awake, but playing so I’m attempting a post….bullets, but here it goes!

  • Lachlan is 100% potty trained!  Oh my gosh people…I am very excited about it…can you tell? He was doing really well with pull-ups (finally got him to wear them) and would only have a few accidents now and then. All of a sudden for a few days he seemed to revert back to using them as diapers.  No way jose!  I made the decision to ditch the pull-ups and go straight for undies.  It was JUST what he needed.  He immediately knew when he had peed and didn’t like it! It only took about 3 accidents and he was fully potty trained.  Not a single accident – pee or poop – in weeks!! He wears undies to bed too! I am elated to only have one kiddo in diapers now! Woo hoo!

  • We got another furball.  A Himalayan kitten named by Lachlan – MUDGE! Crazy house? Maybe.  The “Easter Bunny” brought her for Lachlan on Easter Sunday.  She was 6 weeks old on Easter day and she is the purrrfect (cheesy I know!) addition to the family.  We all love her.  She is a bit insane at times – “Noooo Mudge you can’t pounce on the kids faces at 2am!” but we adore her.

  • Cael is crawling all over the place.  I can’t keep up.  I really have to watch him now; a few days ago, I left the room and came back and he had crawled into the hallway and was reaching for the cat food! Yikes.  He is growing up so fast (8 months this month) and eats everything I give him (so unlike his brother!).  He is eating “training meals” now with meat (Lachlan gagged every time he tried ANY meat) and eats every organic veggie I place in front of him.  I love it!  He smiles and laughs all the time and is still the happiest baby ever.  I’m nursing less than I was with all the food he’s eating…but he still has the milk bar open all night in bed.  I trick myself into thinking I’m sleeping……

  • We had a great Mother’s Day together as a family.  Lachlan and I made a card for K with lots of colourful paper, crayons, paint and tape! He loved colouring the little cut-out hearts and outlining his hands and feet (and Cael’s!) for the card.  Sunday morning we all had brunch and then K watched Cael while I got a spa manicure…it was so nice! She got me a really great card with a Starbucks gift card.  Super sweet.  After the manicure we hung out at the house for awhile and then picked up dinner and all went to the playground.  Lachlan was always scared of going on swings, but this time he loved it! Cael had the time of his life too! It’s amazing that something so simple can be so special.  I felt so blessed to have my little family there, healthy and happy and just enjoying every minute together.