Spring Has Arrived!

Spring has finally arrived and we are loving it.  Windows are open, flowers are blooming and Lachlan is spending most of each day outside again.  He is becoming more and more independent and plays outdoors for longer stretches without needing me.  We got him a sand table last week and he’s very into it!  Looking into getting him a non-wooden playset for him for the back yard.  Looking for some cool ones and pricing them out now.  New flowers are on the porch, and we are growing our own tomatoes and strawberries this year! Looking forward to weeks of beautiful weather ahead before things start getting hot here in Richmond.

Very excited about the following news and somewhat afraid to jinx it by typing it out…but here we go:  I THINK LACHLAN MAY BE POTTY TRAINED.   Today is the 2nd day with NO pee or poop in the diaper!  (He will not wear pull-ups, so wears undies at the house and diapers when we’re out).  He has successfully peed at T.arget, and pees and poops in his potty at K’s shop and at home!  I sometimes have to remind him, and other times he tells me on his own (can say “pee pee” or “poo poo” now, or will just point to his parts!).  We give him big hugs and cheer every time…no candy or other treats….but he does get to flush the toilet when we dump the pee or poop and he really seems to enjoy that! Ha! Very excited and hoping to say bye to diapers for Lach for good very soon!

In other Lach news, we had his early intervention appointment about 3 weeks ago.  He was NOT happy in the beginning, knowing he was being watched.  He finally calmed down after awhile and did all the things they wanted him to do.  Turns out that he doesn’t qualify for early intervention.  About 2 months ago, he had 5 words.  Now he has about 45!  New words in the past few weeks:  Hammer, Potty, Happy, Love You (“Wuv UUUU”) Bye Bye, Hi!, Screwdriver.  We think he’s just moving at his own pace and are really excited that he doesn’t need any assistance!

Our sweet Cael turned 6 months old yesterday and is still the ANGEL BABY.  He is eating rice cereal now daily, along with new favs:  peas, carrots and egg yolks! He smiles constantly and is just so happy!  He makes my heart smile…corny, yes, but so true!

And, now, for a little bit of Cael’s hysterical laughter……






10 thoughts on “Spring Has Arrived!

  1. Wow Lachlan sure is growing up! And he looks the part too, especially with that cap on. Cael’s laugh is so gorgeous and strong, love it!

  2. I’m starting to feel that the only comment I ever leave here is “Oh, your boys are SOOOO beautiful!” But it’s true! Glad Lach is making good progress on his own.

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