World’s Worst Blogger Award…

Would go to me of course.  Almost a month between updates this time…geez! I have excuses….do you want to hear?  After I posted that I was so so sick last time, the kids then got sick.  Both of them.  Fevers of 105 with Lach…scary times.  They finally got over the sick, and then Lachlan caught some other nasty virus from a kid at a playgroup.  Oh, then I got food poisoning from my beloved w.hole f.oods.  My stomach was not happy there for awhile.  Puking all night with a baby who nurses all night and a toddler that must sleep in the bed with you is NOT FUN.  My body is slowly recovering from that.   We’ve been potty training the great dane in the mix, and she also got hookworms AND attacked by a neighbours dog….which lead to an incredibly swollen jaw and cheek, 3 or so vet visits, antibiotics and – of course – $$$$.  We finally got the fence up in the yard last week, which has already transformed our life with 4 dogs!  It’s been so nice to not have to worry about them running away…just open the door and let them go!  In other news…

  • Cael turned 5 months old on Sunday and is officially entering into the teething stage.  He is biting on everything, drooling like crazy and wants to nurse all.night.long.  Also noteable: Some of his 12 months clothes are getting snug.
  • Lachlan is peeing in the potty when we’re at the house now! He doesn’t really want to sit on it though and normally stands/squats above it and pees.  He gets SO excited because I give him a big hug after every time he goes.  He also loves flushing the toilet when after we dump the pee in there!
  • Lach had his hearing test (standard for early intervention for speech) and his hearing was perfect.
  • He is saying a few more words now….ELMO, MOON, SHOE, PAPI (K’s dad). and sounds..WEEEE, etc.  He is starting to imitate what we say a bit more now….
  • Early intervention assessment (2 hour appointment) is in 2 weeks.
  • A new GLBT Parenting M.eetup group was started in our area.  Looking forward to connecting with other fams like ours!
  • We enjoyed a few nicer days weather-wise…..I was able to go on walks and bike rides with the kidlets.  Getting excited to do more things outdoors soon.  But, today it snowed.  So, I may have to wait awhile longer….
  • And, now, some recent photos!


7 thoughts on “World’s Worst Blogger Award…

  1. What a great update!!! The boys both are so, so handsome!! Sounds like you had quite the hill to climb there for a little while…glad things are looking up!! Hooray for EI!!! If you have any questions after Lachlan’s evaluation, let me know! 🙂

  2. What a month you’ve had! I think you definitely get a pass on the blogging. I’m glad things are starting to look up for you. Your boys are so gorgeous. Love all the photos!

  3. Those boys are just the cutest things ever!! I keep planning to email you by the way but time’s just getting out of hand (and this is before kids lol). We are definitely hoping and planning for a home birth so may have a few questions!

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