A New Year

Can’t believe almost a month has gone by since I’ve posted!  Sorry, folks!  In that space the following occurred:

  • Cael turned 3 months old and his gift to ME was sleeping through the night two whole nights in a row.  This was heaven and I enjoyed every second of blissful, uninterrupted sleep.  Two nights was all he needed of this new routine and promptly went back to nursing on-and-off throughout the night.  It’s okay though.  He’s so cute and sweet that I can’t be upset.  Just reminding my self that sleep will return again one day.  3 month stats from pedi appt were:  16lbs 10oz (90% for weight and height)! He smiles all the time and laughs and LOVES getting a bath.  He’s wearing 9 month clothes, loves J.ustin B.ieber (seriously!)….and is jumperooing now.  I love this kid so much:

  • We had Christmas as a family of four.  So amazing and special and, did I mention how BLESSED I am? I adore my little men and my partner and, also noteworthy, I received a lovely new purse and wallet (with matching makeup bags!) from my love.  Oh, and it SNOWED Christmas Day! Felt like Canada…..so gorgeous!  So much fun to watch Lach open the stocking and presents from K’s dad.  Who knew the magna doodle would be the new favourite thing? ALL he wants to do now is DRAWWWWWW!
  • I turned 27.
  • My big boy turned 2!!! Holy crap how did it happen? We had a nice dinner with K’s dad and brothers and sister.  Lach got to hang out with his cousin (9 years old) which he loved and he got showered with gifts (toy drill, saw, BIG truck!) and had ice cream cake with a big “2” candle on it!  Good day and I spent many moments thinking of his birth and got a bit sad that my baby is no longer a baby……but how cool that he is growing up and changing so much too.  Good day.
  • Lucy joined our family.  Lucy is our new dog….a great dane puppy! Technically she was K’s Christmas present.  We got her at 6 weeks old a few weeks before Christmas………she is already growing like a weed.  We’re now a 4 dog family with a baby and a toddler.  Insane much? We love her though…she’s going to be a big, gangly goofball 🙂

  • We said goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011! Sadly, I did not stay awake past  10pm.  Too bad too, because I had great plans for wine and celebration.  Maybe next year.  Resolution? BLOG MORE.  Happy New Year to all my bloggy friends. Thank you for allowing me to read about your lives and for following mine.  Hope this year brings you and your family health and happiness!!

12 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Happy New Year! I’m glad we weren’t the only parents to go to bed around 10 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Can’t believe Lachlan is 2 either! I started reading your blog right before you gave birth to him.

  2. Happy, Happy (belated!) 27th birthday!! Glad it was fabulous!! May 27 be a great year for you!

    Happy 3 months, Cael!

    Happy 2011!

    Happy puppy-hood (and yes, my dear, you are a busy woman with 4 pups and 2 kids!)!!

  3. So good to hear from you, Tiff! It sounds like you are truly blessed these days. I am so, so happy for you. May sleep revisit your home soon! Much love to you–and happy belated birthday! xo

  4. I’ve been a lurker for a awhile now….and I have 3 danes. 🙂 My 2.5 yr old dane looks a lot like your pup. I know all about gangly!

  5. Cael and Lach look so similar now that Cael is a little bigger. Handsome boys mama!

    I know these blogs are all about the babies but promise me more pictures of your adorable puppy! I can’t stand how cute she is. And yes, 2 year old, new baby and four dogs is insanebut in a good way 😉

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