Cael’s 6 Week Photoshoot


11 thoughts on “Cael’s 6 Week Photoshoot

  1. Omg! SO CUTE! And Mama is look absolutely gorgeous! Btw, this is sorta random, but how do you pronounce Cael’s name? Is it like “Kyle” or like “Kale” or…? I’ve never seen it before, so I was wondering.

    • Take a look at this under “How do you pronounce his name? Is it pronounced Kale? Kyle? Kye-el? I’ve been wondering. Also, you might have mentioned it before, but do your boys have the same donor?

  2. These photos are just gorgeous! I thought I would stop just ‘lurking’ and actually comment!

    It has been great to read your blog and follow your journey, I love the connection that you and K have, not to mention your gorgeous boys! My partner and I would love to be starting down this journey next year – just a little harder as we are in Australia and we don’t have a known donor – we did, however things have changed unfortunately and we don’t even know where to start! But, I didn’t mean to bore you I just wanted to say that these photos are gorgeous and you are looking wonderful! Hope that the rest of the family is well, lots of love to you guys!

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