Too Long

Each time I glance up at my bookmarks on F.irefox and see “Blog” I think “I really need to post…it’s been too long”.  But then one of the kids pulls my attention away and more and more days go by where I neglect this place.  I hate that I have no time for blogging….my kids just don’t sleep much, and when they are awake….GOOD LUCK.  I would truly suck at NaBloPoMo, thus did not even attempt it for 2010.  Maybe I’ll try it for 2011.  A new resolution, yes?

Anyway, here I am, blogging NOW.  Karli and I celebrated our 9th (heck yeah!) anniversary on Nov.29th.  We had an awesome night out together while K’s mom watched Lachlan for us.  Cael was an angel at dinner, laying down in the booth cooing happily!  K surprised me with a necklace, earrings AND a dozen roses.  I am a lucky girl and it made me feel so special.  She is not the flower-loving type, but it meant so much to me that she did that knowing I love them!  I seriously can’t imagine us not being together.  She actually went away for 3 days to Florida earlier in the month (first time we’ve been away from eachother AT ALL in 4 years!) and I felt like such a sap.  I missed her so much it was crazy.  Guess that’s a good sign though, right?  I am going to plan something big for next year…for a decade together you have to do something MAJOR!  Any ideas friends?

Tomorrow is December and I’m already in full Christmas swing.  I love this time of the year and am always in a good mood just seeing the Xmas decorations and listening to music.  I put the tree up over the Thanksgiving weekend and decorated the mantle.  Stockings are hung by the fireplace and the Christmas wreath is on the door.  Maybe I’ll post a few photos…I have been saying I’d post some of the house for too long now.

Lachlan turned 23 months old yesterday.  I can’t believe we will have a 2 year old in less than a month.  I sat thinking about his birth last night that feels like just months ago….why is the time going by this quickly…?  He is a big ball of energy and loves E.lmo, his books and now PLAY.DOH.  He is still a picky eater – tries new things but then spits them out on the floor if he doesn’t like them.  He has the occasional temper tantrum, but nothing I wouldn’t expect from any other almost-2-year old.  The pediatrician said he is perfect for his weight and height and development, but we are keeping an eye on his speech.  He still relies on signs to communicate and says “more” for a lot of things.  Signing is a good and bad thing for this reason.  I have spoken to other parents recently who are having the same issues with their kids.  Lach clearly understands everything we are saying and takes instruction well.  He can identify hundreds of objects in his books (cable repair truck, hummer, SUV………).  We may look into early intervention to help him if his vocabulary doesn’t grow here soon though…just to see if it does help him.  Right now he says/has said:  mama, more, door, dead (spider!), boo, hey, macaroni, banana.  I truly believe he will “talk” when he is ready though….and obviously he just isn’t there yet.  Every child is different, and some children crawl or walk “early” and some “late”, others talk “early” or “late”.  We aren’t stressing about it and know that he will do it on his time.  I think we’ve decided that we won’t teach Cael sign language just to see the difference it makes.

We have a well baby appt for Cael tomorrow.  He’s 10 weeks now and growing like a weed.   He’s actually quite the little chunker, much more so than Lachlan was.  He’s got adorable little rolls on his arms and legs and even his neck! We had someone mention that he must love his formula, and I had to correct them that this boy only has the boob to eat from….he just likes to eat often!  I’m so thankful I have a wonderful nursing baby.  I remember feeling such stress with Lachlan because he and I both had a hard time learning what we were doing!  With Cael it has been effortless.  So awesome.  Oh, we had our photoshoot for Cael a few weeks ago and saw the proofs last night.  They are adorable and we ordered 5 photos from the session last night.  Should have them in a week or so and will post them here for you guys to see.  I was so happy with them and only wished I had called the photographer sooner so she could take photos of Cael when he was just days old.  Regardless, these turned out great and will be added to our photo wall soon 🙂

Next week I go for my 6 week (umm, or 11?!) postpartum appointment with our midwife.  So excited to see this wonderful lady again and sad at the same time.  It feels like an amazing chapter in our life is ending…..

Okay, definitely going to try to blog here more often… ’bout some Q&A?  Do you guys have anything you want to ask me or are curious about? Nothing’s off-limits and I’ll answer all questions in a separate post.  Shoot!



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Goodbye October, Hello November!

Hello there.  It’s November….which is strange, because it still feels like September to me. Just got around to ordering the birth announcements….clearly I’m still stuck in September.  Did you guys have a good Halloween? What did your kidlets dress up as? No trick or treating for us, but dressed the kids up for fun.  Cael was 3 peas in a pod.  No photographic evidence of that though.  Lach was a garden gnome.  Hilarious really.  The costume was a little small for him, and he screamed bloody murder when we put the hat on him.  I didn’t even attempt to put the beard on.

Cael is 6 weeks old today.  The time has flown by……I keep looking at him changing day by day and wish time would just sloooow down.  He’s changing too quickly, getting too big, too quickly.  First, the changes.  Umm, for starters – he’s rolling over now!!! He can roll from his back to his front, and front to back.  That, in and of itself, is insane.  I thought I still had an itty bitty newborn.  Guess not.  He is so much more alert….he watches me like a hawk, follows our movements across the room and loves looking at the hanging mobiles on his bouncy seat and swing.  He kicks a lot now and coos.  I am so in love with my big boy.  Oh, and speaking of big.  Pedi appt last week….Cael is 11 lbs 7oz.  90% percentile for weight, 75% for height!

Loving life with our boys.  Some mornings I just stare at them and can’t believe that this is my family.  No doubt, being a mom is the hardest thing ever – extreme sleep deprivation, no time to yourself, no time as a couple, no privacy, toddler freakouts, worn out body….the list goes on.  But, it is is THE BEST thing ever too.  My heart is overflowing with love for these two little guys.  Their hugs and smiles make every tough moment so so worth it.