So Little Time

I’ve wanted to write a post for weeks now (with actual words!) but am finding it hard to find any time to do it! Lachlan must be getting his 2 year molars in, because the last 5 nights have been HELL.  There’s no other way to put it.  Cael is easy….but the toddler is the challenge now.  He wakes up screaming, comes in the bed for a little bit, then gets up and won’t sleep for hours.on.end (awake last night from 1am-4:30am).  He wants me to hold him and rock him and  I’m exhausted on a level I never thought existed.  Each day is beginning around 5am now, and bedtime for Lach isn’t till 9:00 or 9:30.  Some days he isn’t taking a nap either, thus adding to the craziness.  Anyway, that’s why I’ve been sort of MIA around here.  I keep reminding myself that this is only temporary and sleep will return to my life eventually.  I can, I am, getting through it.  It’s hard though.  When your body is rested, it is so much easier to get through the day.  When you’re sleep deprived, everything is more difficult and your emotions are all out-of-whack.  Well, here’s a few bullets while I DO have a minute with both boys asleep!

  • Cael is 4 weeks old today and is truly the angel baby.  He only cries when he is getting his diaper changed, or hungry.  We have a bit of a “witching hour” – well – two actually before bedtime….but other than that, an angel I tell you!
  • He is a nursing champ.  He got it right away! Nursing is great now, and so much easier than it was with Lachlan.  My KILLED the first 8 days or so and I had some minor cracks….but now all is well in boobland.  My boy loves to nurse (big gulps/no nonsense at nighttime, and more luxury eating during the day….) and would stay on the b.oo.b all the time if I let him.
  • He is growing so fast! I can already notice how much bigger he is and feel the time is FLYING by.  I have truly sucked at taking photos since Lachlan broke my point-and-shoot camera…..struggling to figure out my big camera and it’s plethora of features.  Still, I clearly need to step it up.
  • Lachlan is the sweetest big brother.  Honestly.  He is so gentle with Cael and loves to come and just pat his head and give him the softest hugs.  In the beginning he was so fascinated by this teeny tiny person that he wiggled his ears and tried to pinch his nose….but no more of that.  He just kisses on him and lays beside him and smiles.  I can’t wait till Cael is older and they can play together….I think they’re going to be the best of friends…..
  • Lach has been struggling with temper tantrums.  It’s challenging and drives us crazy at times, but I know it comes with the age and we’re doing our best to work through each one (screaming for 40 minutes straight because he can’t get his way for example).
  • My girl-parts feel like a million bucks.  What a huge difference from postpartum last time! With Cael’s birth, I tore internally again.  We found out last time that I was allergic to the stitches, so my midwife gave me the option of using a new type of stitches or to use SEAWEED.  Yes, seaweed.  I opted for the seaweed.  Partially because I (and she!) think I would have kicked her while she did the stitches on me.  I had a really traumatic postpartum recovery with Lachlan.  I ended up having to have SEVERAL inpatient procedures done to me because of complications from the birth.  I didn’t feel back to “normal” until MONTHS (like 9!) after the birth.  I feel amazing now and if I wasn’t still bleeding, I’d never know I even had a baby 4 weeks ago.  I’m so thankful! My midwife was just amazing and the seaweed did its trick!
  • Back to pre-preggo weight now (29 lbs total gained during the pregnancy) but pre-preggo jeans don’t feel the same….guess things moved…..again.
  • That’s all for now….but here are a few photos (from my cellphone!):


7 thoughts on “So Little Time

  1. I’m sorry that Lach is giving you trouble! Could K take the night shift with Lach so you can concentrate on Cael? It might be hard for a pre-schooler to understand, but you might just have to tell him, “The baby needs Mommy right now, but Mama can sit with you!” (I totally just made up your mommy names – does Lach call you different things?).

    Great news on nursing and the girly parts!

    And yeah, my jeans don’t fit at the pre-pregnancy weight, either. Booo.

  2. Back to pre-preggo weight already. Damn girl! It took me 9 months. HA! Way to go on that front. Sorry the teething is a sleep-stealer. But, wow are your two boys amazing!

  3. so glad to hear you all are doing well. things can only keep getting better at this point and eventually sleep will return. wow can’t believe you lost all the baby weight already. if i told my dp that it would make her feel horrible. the pics are adorable and thanks for sharing!

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