Polar Bear

I am currently typing this short post from the polar bear position.  Very awkward and hard to do when you’re mega preggo.  Had 39w6d week midwife appointment this AM and I am READY TO GO.  I’m now 3-4 cm dilated (woo!), cervix is “juicy” (sorry…her terminology, not mine!) and he is still reeeeally low.  However, everything is not all roses as he is completely on my right side and completely laying on HIS side (very hard for N to even feel his back).  We need him to at least come more into the middle so he can drop lower into my pelvis.  It will make for an easier, shorter labor and delivery if I can get him to move a bit.  So, I was left with a sort of homework, persay.  N wants me to do pelvic rocks/tilts/jiggles, be on all fours, and hold the polar bear pose every 2 hours for 10 minute intervals.  She said if I can “jiggle” 2.0’s position enough, that I’ll labor today.  If not, she is predicting labor should be tonight or tomorrow.  Having lots of contractions that aren’t going anywhere right now….but we’ll see what a lot of jiggling can do….hope 2.0 is up for it!


20 thoughts on “Polar Bear

  1. Maybe the polar bear will be his favorite animal? Good luck! For some fun, you should check out the spinning babies web site if you haven’t already seen it. I’ll be checking often for updates. Come on little one, move for your mommas and come out into the world soon!

  2. Hey!
    I was waiting for this post! All fingers and toes are crossed for you, 2.0, k and Lachlan! may you soon and calm welcome your baby!
    How do you manage to get in “the polar bear” with a 40 wks preggo belly??? I am impressed!
    xo, Moni

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