My patience is being tested as I wait for this boy.  The time is actually flying by because we’re so busy…..but the waiting is still hard.  I am as big as a house… belly is about the size it was at 41 weeks with Lach (I compared pictures people!).  Due date is 6 days from today and I’m just hoping hoping hoping we have a baby this weekend.  My poor body can’t do it for too much longer.  I am trying to stay ever-positive and know that even if I get another very big boy, my body can and will handle it.  I am perfectly designed to birth my baby, I am perfectly designed to birth my baby. Had 39 week midwife appointment on Monday and she prepared me if I suddenly go into hardcore labor (painful contractions immediately 2 mins apart with little or NO breaks and I’m unable to walk, talk or think.).  She has had a few women go ultra ultra fast with their 2nd, and is preparing me for anything I guess.  She did NOT do an internal, as our doula/birthing assistant is out of town until Monday (date of my next appointment) and she didn’t want to start anything.  She will check me Monday and see what progress I’ve made.  I’m getting a ton of BH contractions….some really regularly….they are non-painful, but still uncomfortable.  My belly gets so tight and hard as a rock….it is the strangest feeling.  Getting excited to meet this boy soon.  I keep telling Lachlan that ‘it isn’t long now’.  I hope I’m right.  I want to get through the labor that lies ahead of me, and just hold and kiss my new son.


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