Great midwife appointment yesterday.   Thought 38weeks would be a good time to get “checked out”! Current stats:  2cm dilated, 80% effaced, 2.0 is at 0 station.  Things are moving along and he has made some progress in descending.  N said we’re in good shape, as he has made it past the tough part of my pelvis…..See diagram:

She is guessing he will come right around the due date of Sept 21st.  I can’t imagine, as I am having SOO much pressure from his head….but, alas, she’s the expert.  The birthing tub is in our den, and we went on a candle shopping spree over the weekend.  The house will smell all pumpkin-spice-latte-ish when 2.0 decides to arrive.  Went yesterday and got a pedicure with K.  My feet are happy!  First pedicure since being preggo with Lach.  They were awful!

Thanks for the compliments on the photoshoot pictures guys!! We have a couple of the pics framed on the wall now…..we are doing one huge wall in the dining room filled with photos….it’s looking so cool! I have been meaning to take pictures of the house for a few days now.  I need to get on that! We love our little place!

Lynn asked about the toddler bed (converts to a chair and comes with a nice chair pad!).  We got it off of A.mazon for a GREAT price for a toddler bed…it is available in orange or white and is very modern and practical.  Check it out HERE.  Made of real wood and sturdy!! I love how it doesn’t have a plastic finish or laminate wood.  Highly recommend it even though Lach hasn’t slept in it yet! He LOVES laying/playing in it though! We plan to make the transition to it pretty soon…..he still adores sleeping in the bed with us and I’m cherishing these last few days with him as our only boy…..

Oh, and EG asked if I would post the old and new name of the baby…..my guess is not.  You’ll have to email me for the password and go back to see what it was!!! We are happy with our decision to change his name….I may or may not do a post as to the reason why we changed it in the future.


5 thoughts on “38w1d

  1. what?? u changed the name? did i miss something? can u tell me the name? i looked back at the posts and didnt see anything….i did just glance……….how exciting to find the perfect name!

  2. very exciting!!! I love following along to see how you both are doing…we are on day 6 of our TWW…we hope to joing the world of the “expecting” very soon! Best of luck and keep us posted! ~wren

  3. Sounds like you are making great progress! Thanks for the link for the toddler bed! It is so cute and I am playing with the idea of picking one up for stella! I am getting so excited for you guys!

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