37w3d.  Full-term and safe to have this boy at home! Lots of braxton hicks, and feeling this baby looooow (seriously, i think i’m waddling now).  Quite a bit of pain and pressure happening down there which I wasn’t expecting.  I didn’t have that with L, so this is new.  It hurts every time I walk.  I’m up to peeing about 4 times per night now too.  Prediction is that he will come early…I hope I’m right.  We’re picking up the birthing tub today (it’s massive) and then we’re ready for 2.0.  Ps. If you read the pw protected post awhile back about his name – we did a little bit of change in that department.  long story, but it felt right…..

Oh, and new toddler bed arrived today (also converts to a chair).  Can’t wait to set it up:


11 thoughts on “Ready.

  1. I skipped the name post because I wanted to be surprised – when he’s born will you tell us the “old” name and the new name? Yay, excited for you!

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