In Love

Thanks for all the comments of congrats, well wishes and love guys – every one meant so much! I haven’t written the birth story yet, but it’s coming! Working on recovering and balancing this new life with two boys! Until the birth story…..can I tide you over with cute pictures?


He’s Here!

Cael Lennon was born at home in the water on 9/20 at 9:20pm, weighing 9lbs 2oz and 21”

Harder labor and delivery than I anticipated, but worth every second.  Thats all for now…

Polar Bear

I am currently typing this short post from the polar bear position.  Very awkward and hard to do when you’re mega preggo.  Had 39w6d week midwife appointment this AM and I am READY TO GO.  I’m now 3-4 cm dilated (woo!), cervix is “juicy” (sorry…her terminology, not mine!) and he is still reeeeally low.  However, everything is not all roses as he is completely on my right side and completely laying on HIS side (very hard for N to even feel his back).  We need him to at least come more into the middle so he can drop lower into my pelvis.  It will make for an easier, shorter labor and delivery if I can get him to move a bit.  So, I was left with a sort of homework, persay.  N wants me to do pelvic rocks/tilts/jiggles, be on all fours, and hold the polar bear pose every 2 hours for 10 minute intervals.  She said if I can “jiggle” 2.0’s position enough, that I’ll labor today.  If not, she is predicting labor should be tonight or tomorrow.  Having lots of contractions that aren’t going anywhere right now….but we’ll see what a lot of jiggling can do….hope 2.0 is up for it!


My patience is being tested as I wait for this boy.  The time is actually flying by because we’re so busy…..but the waiting is still hard.  I am as big as a house… belly is about the size it was at 41 weeks with Lach (I compared pictures people!).  Due date is 6 days from today and I’m just hoping hoping hoping we have a baby this weekend.  My poor body can’t do it for too much longer.  I am trying to stay ever-positive and know that even if I get another very big boy, my body can and will handle it.  I am perfectly designed to birth my baby, I am perfectly designed to birth my baby. Had 39 week midwife appointment on Monday and she prepared me if I suddenly go into hardcore labor (painful contractions immediately 2 mins apart with little or NO breaks and I’m unable to walk, talk or think.).  She has had a few women go ultra ultra fast with their 2nd, and is preparing me for anything I guess.  She did NOT do an internal, as our doula/birthing assistant is out of town until Monday (date of my next appointment) and she didn’t want to start anything.  She will check me Monday and see what progress I’ve made.  I’m getting a ton of BH contractions….some really regularly….they are non-painful, but still uncomfortable.  My belly gets so tight and hard as a rock….it is the strangest feeling.  Getting excited to meet this boy soon.  I keep telling Lachlan that ‘it isn’t long now’.  I hope I’m right.  I want to get through the labor that lies ahead of me, and just hold and kiss my new son.


Great midwife appointment yesterday.   Thought 38weeks would be a good time to get “checked out”! Current stats:  2cm dilated, 80% effaced, 2.0 is at 0 station.  Things are moving along and he has made some progress in descending.  N said we’re in good shape, as he has made it past the tough part of my pelvis…..See diagram:

She is guessing he will come right around the due date of Sept 21st.  I can’t imagine, as I am having SOO much pressure from his head….but, alas, she’s the expert.  The birthing tub is in our den, and we went on a candle shopping spree over the weekend.  The house will smell all pumpkin-spice-latte-ish when 2.0 decides to arrive.  Went yesterday and got a pedicure with K.  My feet are happy!  First pedicure since being preggo with Lach.  They were awful!

Thanks for the compliments on the photoshoot pictures guys!! We have a couple of the pics framed on the wall now…..we are doing one huge wall in the dining room filled with photos….it’s looking so cool! I have been meaning to take pictures of the house for a few days now.  I need to get on that! We love our little place!

Lynn asked about the toddler bed (converts to a chair and comes with a nice chair pad!).  We got it off of A.mazon for a GREAT price for a toddler bed…it is available in orange or white and is very modern and practical.  Check it out HERE.  Made of real wood and sturdy!! I love how it doesn’t have a plastic finish or laminate wood.  Highly recommend it even though Lach hasn’t slept in it yet! He LOVES laying/playing in it though! We plan to make the transition to it pretty soon…..he still adores sleeping in the bed with us and I’m cherishing these last few days with him as our only boy…..

Oh, and EG asked if I would post the old and new name of the baby… guess is not.  You’ll have to email me for the password and go back to see what it was!!! We are happy with our decision to change his name….I may or may not do a post as to the reason why we changed it in the future.


37w3d.  Full-term and safe to have this boy at home! Lots of braxton hicks, and feeling this baby looooow (seriously, i think i’m waddling now).  Quite a bit of pain and pressure happening down there which I wasn’t expecting.  I didn’t have that with L, so this is new.  It hurts every time I walk.  I’m up to peeing about 4 times per night now too.  Prediction is that he will come early…I hope I’m right.  We’re picking up the birthing tub today (it’s massive) and then we’re ready for 2.0.  Ps. If you read the pw protected post awhile back about his name – we did a little bit of change in that department.  long story, but it felt right…..

Oh, and new toddler bed arrived today (also converts to a chair).  Can’t wait to set it up: