27 days.

  • Round ligament pain (right side on belly) is kicking my ass.
  • Midwife appointment today went well.  Baby is posterior now, but she is thinking he will move.  Head is low in my pelvis.  She explained that if he doesn’t move on his own, she can try to gently move him back.  If he doesn’t move, labour will most likely be longer and more painful.  She is estimating he is 7 to 7.5 lbs as of now.  I was really surprised….I was thinking he was only around 6 or so right now! No wonder my back is sore!! But apparently that is pretty normal…..I am right on track to have a 9.5er again.  Sigh.  I was hoping for a little smaller, but I guess I just don’t make them that way.
  • Nesting has begun.  2nd coat was painted on the kitchen and fireplace this AM.
  • All the baby clothes will be washed this week, birth box will be completed (baby clothes and mama clothes labeled, as well as towels and sheets).  Birthing playlist is  done!
  • K is getting the FJ cleaned this week and the new car seat is going in.
  • Next week we get the birthing tub!
  • Bassinet is in (with bedding) and set up next to our bed.  It’s beautiful!
  • Lach’s toddler bed came in and it was a piece of crap.  Advertised like it was solid wood, and instead we opened it to find a cheap laminate over the whole thing.  We’ve returned it and are trying to find something else we like SOON.  Every modern toddler bed is so freaking expensive, and many of them only come in white or light wood.  We are toying with the idea of a single bed.
  • Not having much luck for toddler bedding.  I can’t find my fabric for a reasonable price anywhere….
  • My big boy is still coming in our bed for the last 1/2 of the night.  It’s such a routine and he sleeps so well in his room for the chunk before he gets up, and then immediately again when he is put in our bed.  I’m not stressing right now, and trying to be calm about the whole sleep situation.  What will be, will be and we’ll work through it.  Maybe a crying baby won’t wake up my 20 month old….? Maybe we can all sleep happily in one room for the last half of the night….?
  • We keep talking to Lachlan about “baby brother”.  He brings 2.0’s diapers up to my belly and holds them up to it.  He also brings up the vacuum handle to my belly and explains (through mainly pointing, signing, etc) that he wants baby brother to vacuum.  I have tried to explain that baby brother will be “so tiny” and “not a big boy like you”, “can’t walk”, etc.  Not sure he understands this.  He has “told” us that he wants baby brother’s car seat to be beside his, and also that baby brother will not like the bathtub.  It’s very random things he does, but simply precious to watch.
  • Not sure if I mentioned it, but we saw the proofs from the photoshoot and are in love with them.  We’ve ordered a bunch of stuff and should get it in here soon.  Can’t wait to post the cuteness.
  • Toddler got ahold of my camera this morning.  Here’s a few he took:


6 thoughts on “27 days.

  1. Wow it is getting so close now!! You guys sound super ready. I can’t wait to read about 2.0’s birth as I read about Lach’s and you amaze me!!
    We opted out of a toddler bed and went straight for the twin. We actually bought bunk beds and just put together and used the top bunk. It had the safety rails all around it with a littls space to crawl out. It was like a big toddler bed. We got it for our boy when he was 18 months old and he loved his big bed. We loved that it was safe and would last a long time. Our son is now 6 and he uses the bottom bunk without the rails. We took apart the top bunk and are storing it for when we transition our daughter in a few months. Plus since you will have 2 boys you may actually need bunk beds in the future. Good investment!!
    Can’t wait to see more pics of the Lach monster! He is a doll!

  2. I love his pictures! My water broke at this point in your pregnancy and chunk weighed 7lb 12oz…. my doc was estimating him to weigh 10 or 11lbs, so you may have a big baby! 🙂 Can’t wait for the next couple of weeks… can you believe you will soon have 2 kids!?

  3. Holland was born at 37 weeks and he was 7lbs and I thank him often for being early. I hope that you’ll be a little earlier than you were last time so #2 won’t be quite as big as Lach! Are you getting excited?!

  4. a note about the bed – i skipped the toddler bed and went straight to a single bed with a safety first bed railing…..i figured if i was to spend money on a bed i might as well skip a step 🙂 He was sleeping mostly in my bed anyways so the size didn’t freak him out at all 😉

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