35 Weeks & Life

That’s a lot of belly, eh? I’m 35 weeks today…..feels like 40 though! 2 weeks until our safe date to have this babe at home.  More than likely, this new little man will be here in around 5 weeks.  Insane.  I’m seeing our lovely midwife, N, every week now.  Had Group B Strep test done yesterday.  Waiting on results back.   Weighed at appointment, and I’m still up exactly 22 lbs.  I was surprised I didn’t gain any more from 2 weeks ago.  22 lbs lighter than this point in the last pregnancy.  Also had first internal exam.  Cervix is closed, but baby is LOW.  He dropped quite a bit in the last 2 weeks.  Talked quite awhile about the impending birth and what the recovery may be like with this one.  Lach did quite the number on me exiting my body… no external tears, but a heck of an internal one.  He came out with his hand by his face and nicked an artery.  With the bleeder, stitching was pretty difficult, and I still have some internal pain from exposed nerves.   Vitamin E has to be applied for the next 5 weeks to try to nourish the tissue.  She is hoping I can ease up in the pushing stage and that by actually giving birth to 2.0, it will correct the problem of the exposed tissue.  Here’s to hoping.  A few things I’m thankful for/weird differences between preg#1 and preg#2:  no carpal tunnel at all this pregnancy, no water retention issues = no cankles…..even in insane 105 degree heat.  Still wearing my rings!

We’ve gotten 85% of the stuff for the birth – supplies (shower liners, pads, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, receiving blankets, towels, heating pad, etc.)  Still need a new garden hose (to fill birthing tank), gro light (for jaundice for 2.0), high-protein meals for postpartum and a few more little things.

We sold our 2 bassinets months ago (why oh why!!!?), so we were in the market for another cute, but inexpensive bassinet/cradle.  Just ordered this one with the bedding:

I love it, and it was only $150 with all the bedding.  After he outgrows it, he’ll move to Lach’s crib.

Some new things with the boy.  We ordered him a toddler bed!  Should be here in a week or so.  Hoping we can transition him from his crib/our bed to this one:Don’t worry, we’re not going with this bedding…if you can call it that! Working on getting him a handmade toddler bedding set.  Just discovered J.oel D.ewberry fabrics.  I’m in love.  Check him out! Gorgeous stuff! Trying to get Lach’s bedding made with the discontinued “A.viary Collection” – Sparrows Almond – specifically……..

Totally love it.  More to come on that.  Oh, and we got him a R.adio F.lyer tricycle too.  We can push him and steer it for now, and then remove that part when he’s ready to go on his own.  SO cute and a steal for 45 bucks new!  It’s his new fav.

Still waiting on the proofs from the photoshoot.  We’re supposed to meet with the photographer tomorrow night to go over them.  Can’t wait to see how they turned out.

On the house-front, we have repainted the fireplace and done one coat in the kitchen.  Should be able to post some photos soon!!  That’s all from 35-week-pregnant-land for now!


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