33 Down!

7 more to go?  Sorry for bullets….but, alas, time is limited!! *Photo above from an afternoon of sprinkler fun!*

  • Had 33 week midwife appointment yesterday.  I’M UP 22 lbs so far. Baby boy 2.0 is measuring 33weeks at 33weeks….heartbeat was great and he is still head down!  We filled out some of the birth certificate (sans baby’s first name as we are keeping that on the down-low).  Group B strep test in 2 weeks.
  • Went over the benefits of having different birth/labour affirmations for this 2nd pregnancy.  Midwife N really believes in putting positive things out in the universe and genuinely thinks you will get what you ask for….so long as you ask for it.  She encouraged me to phrase things the right way too…..”My body will create the perfect amount of space needed to birth my baby”, as opposed to, “I won’t tear”.  Etc, etc.  Not sure I’ll put up the affirmations, but I will definitely read and re-read them as my homebirth approaches….
  • I feel like a vitamin junkie.  Vitamins/Supplements I’m currently taking daily……2 softgels of U.ltimate O.mega DHA, 1 Vitamin D softgel, 1 prenatal vitamin, 800 IU vitamin E daily for vericose veins, 2.5 cups of raspberry leaf tea, W.ish G.arden’s Tastes Like Crap Vericosity  Tonic (3 dropperfuls in water, 3 times daily).
  • Going this weekend to get everything on the birthing supply list…..
  • We bought the car seat! The exact same one as Lach had.  B.ritax M.arathon C.owmooflage….works for 5-65 lbs….
  • Called A.nthem and got everything straight for baby boy 2.0.  We will save about 20 bucks adding him on to Lach’s policy, but it’s still a ton of money going out every month.  Worth it, of course, because they both will have the best policy out there…but still makes me mad that we have to pay soooo freaking much for heathcare in this country.   Missing the good ol’ O.H.I.P. and Canada’s social healthcare in general….but that is a whoooole other post.  Just happy we got everything figured out paperwork-wise anyway.  It’s going to be much easier the 2nd go-round.
  • The house projects are nearing an end.  We got a 50″ P.anasonic plasma tv and have it mounted on the wall….looks pretty sweet! We still need to paint the kitchen and put up one section of fence.  Then, photos!!!!
  • Trying to decide if we’re going to have a shower/party/something for baby boy 2.0.  We didn’t have a traditional shower for Lach….just a party at a restaurant where we had it catered.  We’d like to do something a little smaller this time-around….I just feel like we’re running out of time to get planning! I’ve set up an A.mazon registry because we do really need a few small items (and a couple bigger ones…..Example: *I borrowed my cousin’s breastpump with Lach, and she just had another baby….so I have to buy one now….*).  Hoping friends and family will help us with those a little bit.
  • I now have itty.bitty.baby.clothes hanging in the closet, along with packages of newborn diapers stacked above.  Very strange.
  • Had Lachlan’s full photoshoot with B.lissinRichmond last Monday.  The photographer chose the location – an abandoned school….and I think some of the shots are going to be pretty awesome.  Can’t wait to see them and will post as soon as I get something 🙂
  • Lach doesn’t seem to be biting nearly as much.  Thanks for all your comments and helpful advice.  It seems to be working!
  • Got another 20% off diapers coupon in the September issue of P.arents Mag.  Very stoked.  You cannot beat saving 50% off diapers.  Is it weird that I am so excited about this??? It feels so good getting a deal!
  • I think that’s all for now…..

4 thoughts on “33 Down!

  1. Just 7 more weeks??? Time is flying by and that boy will be here before you know it!

    Can’t wait to see Lach’s new oics. He’s a doll.

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