32 Weeks

Killer backache….crossing my fingers my back doesn’t go out today.  Feeling ginormous.  Compared 32 week belly shot with pregnancy #1 shots.  My belly is looks close the 38 week photo with Lach.  Please tell me it’s normal to be a little depressed about that.  Surely I won’t go 2 weeks overdue with this one….


8 thoughts on “32 Weeks

  1. Tiff – you look BEAUTIFUL. That belly is delightful. It’s so normal to be bigger the second time around…unless you did a hell of a lot of sit ups in the time between pregnancies – but who can be bothered with that!??!

    You’d be pretty unlucky to go 2 weeks over again, too. Thinking of you xox

  2. thanks ladies!! jess – i started off this 2nd pregnancy 20lbs lighter….so i’ve been a little down about the hugeness of my belly at this point in the pregnancy. midwife assures me that the baby’s weight is right where it should be…..i just feel bigger than normal i guess. i appreciate all the sweet, encouraging words. you guys are the best. xo

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