Right Around The Corner

30 weeks is just days away and I’m sort of in disbelief.  I’m in the last trimester.  Holy crap! The last 1/4 of this journey is right around the corner and I am ready for it.  Had my 29 week appointment this week and was happy to see my midwife again.  She is always so lovely and caring….I truly can’t imagine us going through this journey again without her.  I know I am in such experienced, capable and gentle hands, as is 2.0.  It’s such a relief and something to be so thankful for.  The stats from the appointment are as follows:

  • Baby is weighing about 3 lbs and is HEAD DOWN! Woo! Granted, he can still flip around, but it made me happy to hear he’s getting prepared! Ha!
  • I am up 18 lbs from pre-preggo weight.  She is guessing I’ll gain another 10.  I’m okay with that.  Of course I feel as big as a house….but I weighed exactly 20 lbs lighter than I was at my 29 week appointment with Lachlan.  Not complaining about that.
  • Did the glucose test (a sugary fruit punch flavor this time) and results were great! Actually a little low on the spectrum….she’s predicting I’ll need mega protein post delivery.
  • Went over the homebirth supply list (we have a majority of the stuff from Lach) and pre-registering at the local hospital.
  • Got my R.hogham shot because I’m RH Negative and had antibody screening done.
  • Jaundice will be even more of a concern with 2.0, as 2nd babies risk is higher with a RH negative mom and his blood type will most likely be A+.  We’re crossing our fingers for a O- (like me) baby….then jaundice will not be an issue.  With Lachlan, we had the grow light on him for several days….but our pedi still gave us grief and made our lives difficult.  We are going to be extra prepared this go-round and midwife has suggested a bunch of things we can do to be on the defensive.
  • Moved to 2 week MW appointments now.

I also was able to talk to our birthing assistant last night (she was there for Lach’s birth, and will be there for 2.0’s) and she was so full of wisdom and encouragement for me.  It’s been a very very hot 100+ degrees here in Richmond, and she was letting me complain about it 🙂 She has given birth to 6 children, trains doulas all across the United States and has assisted in countless births.  We talked for some time about finding the balance with 2 young kidlets.  A new baby AND a needy toddler…..this is a little scary…..how do I find the time for them both??? How could I possibly love this 2nd boy as much as I love Lachlan? I can’t imagine how I will…..yet I know I will…does that make sense?  I know it will be something I just have to figure out as I go (like it was with just ONE!).  We talked about 2.0’s birth and my wishes (short labor, hoping I’ll like laboring in the water this time, etc) and fears (long labor, tearing, long long recovery, complications like I had post-delivery with Lach, etc).  It helped talking to her and knowing that she was going to make every effort to be there for the birth.  I want to be able to enjoy the birth with K, and not have K running around doing “things”…..so it will be good to know my MW and doula are handling everything on that end.  Hopefully K will be able to just watch and support and leave the work to them.

As for Lach….he is now 18 months, has 7 teeth (with an 8th on the way), puts himself to sleep some nights in his own crib (who are you and what have you done with my child!?), loves eggs (even hardboiled egg whites!), black beans and KETCHUP!  Despises fish and adores coffee – with cream and sugar of course! (oh boy!)  And, he has given up his bottles of juice and whole milk and now drinks out of a sippy cup – hurray! Oh, and he loves eating ice cream. all.by.himself.  Such a big boy.  Did I mention he always makes a big boy mess too? Love this kid so much….


8 thoughts on “Right Around The Corner

  1. Love the ice cream shots! It is exciting and nervewracking preparing for delivery, isn’t it? At Lach’s age Little Man loved scrambled eggs and black beans! He still does, actually. Need to get #2 into that good stuff!

  2. I am going to try to have a kid probably early next year but decided to started research. I did not realized so much to considered from type of birth to the minute matters of diapers. Congrats on the second birth and Lach is going to be one handsome boy!

  3. love the pics…soooo cute! 😀

    glad to hear such great updates

    I had to laugh that Lach likes ketchup…just like his Momma! 😀

    (my sis wanted to ask you about the Vitamin E so I gave her you’re number…hope you are okay with that…) :/

  4. we think the same thing *all the time* about boy 2.0. you so ferociously love your first and then it’s like–seriously? how do i let more love into my heart? but again, your heart just bumps over – just like that.
    on an embarrassing note, we also thought we wouldn’t love theo as much as we loved our dog. clearly everything worked out just fine!

  5. I absolutely LOVED labouring in the water – my tub was my best friend…..

    I can’t believe it is right around the corner! That is crazy!

    I cannot wait to hear the birth story – you’re going to be such an amazing mom of 2!!

    Love ya guys!!

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