Snip Snip

Lachlan’s first haircut is this weekend…..we love the shaggy surfer hair, but the back is getting a little long, and the front keeps getting in his eyes.  It’s time.  A little sad to say goodbye to most of the golden locks….but it needs to be done.  We have an appointment for Saturday and I’m armed with the following photo….this is what I want for my little man…..notice it parts at the same place Lach’s hair does! Still funky, but out of his eyes.  Cross your fingers he sits still (can an almost-18-month-old sit still?) and they don’t butcher it.  We ARE going to a hair salon that caters to kidlets…….he gets to sit in an airplane or car while his hair is being cut.  Hopefully it comes out just like this (please please please).  Photos to come for sure……


10 thoughts on “Snip Snip

  1. Not sure if you’d like to try this, but it has always worked with my son (now 4 1/2) since he was about 18 months old… We don’t do the candy thing so his “prize” for sitting still through the haircut is a dumdum lollipop (you know, the tiny ones) while they are cutting. He’s learned to keep it inside his mouth through the haircut (hairy lollipops are no good 🙂 and its something to look forward to during his haircut. I always bring 2, just in case…

  2. I like the picture. Hopefully they’ll do Lach some justice!

    I think I would want our current stylist to do any future babies’ first hair cuts, because both Fil and I adore her – she’s like another family member, that we pay to make us look gorgeous. We don’t have any reason to take Monster somewhere fancy for his hair, we just shave it off every 2 weeks at home. I don’t care what anyone says, I love it when my boy has an almost-bald head. He’s so cute! But, I don’t think Lach should rock the bald noggin, he’s definitely got the right kind of hair and face for an adorable shaggy do.

    Good luck!

  3. Youd be amazed how still he can sit. My youngest used to be fascinated with the sound the scissors made so he would be especially still and quiet so he could hear it.

  4. Aww LOVE the photo!

    Daniel had his first haircut last week – he sat SOO still! I wanted to bring him to a place that catered to kids but at the last moment took him to my hairdresser because I was so afraid of them cutting away the curls.

    Good news – he still has the curls 😀

  5. i hope his first hair cut goes well. i am sure the professionals are able to get the chopping done before the kids even realize what is going on…right? 🙂 can’t wait to see the new do

  6. I have some good news for you, and some bad ones. Knowing a thing or two about haircuts, you CAN get the same haircut for Lach, but by the looks of his hair in the photos, you won’t be able to get that same “look” unless you use hair molding wax on him. The kid’s hair in that photo is definitely styled, not natural.
    Which begs the question… Do you wanna spend more time styling your kid’s hair than your own?

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