26 Feels Like 36

26 weeks pregnant and looking and feeling like 36 weeks.  The pregnancy is going really well, but I was a tad depressed last night when I couldn’t bend over this belly to shave my legs.  ‘So soon?’, I thought. I feel huger then huge and sort of had a I-just-want-to-cut-to-the-end moment last night.  Feeling guilty for even feeling that way…but it is what it is I guess.  The blues may have been brought on by the fact that I have developed a really bad vericose vein on my right leg by my knee.  It’s ugly and painful and surrounded by bluish purple spider veins…..and after standing most of the day it is really sensitive and hot to the touch.  Midwife advised elevating it before bed for 10-15 minutes, making sure my foot is higher than my heart and keeping a close eye on it…..worried about possible clots forming.  Oh, and I needed to get a thigh-high compression stocking for my leg, she said.  (Warning: complaining ahead)  That should be fun with July and August right around the corner!   Add on Virginia’s humidity…ugh. I did order the type with the cut-out toe….I should be stylin’ in flip flops with just part of the stocking showing.  I was practically in tears last night in the bathtub.  I don’t remember feeling THIS big so soon with Lach.   It’s 110% worth the end-result and I’m thanking my lucky stars I have avoided the carpal tunnel that I got with pregnancy #1.  Lots to be thankful for….a beautiful 17 month old, great partner and bouncing (big) baby boy in my belly…..but I’m trying to allow myself to feel a little grumpy for once.  After all, someone did say to me over the weekend – “And you’re SURE it’s not twins?” Ha ha.


8 thoughts on “26 Feels Like 36

  1. Tiff!! You look great! I can’t imagine being pregnant with my active 18 month old. You are doing a great job, September will be here before you know it.

  2. With Lach, you didn’t have Lach to chase after!! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and quickly! We’re ten weeks behind you!

  3. I feel exactly the same way, and my midwife says it’s very, very common with second pregnancies to feel this way. I’m 32 weeks and feel like I’m 40. Hang in there…in my experience right now, the third trimester sucks.

  4. Woah – hang on! When did 17 months happen!?!? LOL!

    Second – you look stunning lady! Your belly is BEAUTIFUL! You have such a beautiful attitude – so GO AHEAD and be grumpy!

    I have heard (too) that this is very common with second pregnancies – so take comfort in that!

    Praying the rest of your pregnancy goes off without a hitch!


  5. lord, the “twins” comment. I remember that. At least once a day I’d hear “You sure it’s not TWIIINNNNNS in there? Har har har.” Yes I’m sure! I’m just big as a barn, ok?

  6. Oh sweetie, I can sympathize. Hang in there and feel to complain, cry, and whine to your heart’s content. You’ve earned it.

    Your belly is beautiful!

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