Shameless Plug

Thanks for the comments on the the last post! I am going to take a picture tomorrow to show you guys how it turned out!  She cut it a little shorter in the back then we wanted, but – ultimately – it looks cute! The whole experience was really a bit traumatic for the little man.  We got there and he got to sit in a little taxi cab, which he loved.  He was doing great until the stylist (without warning) sprayed down his whole head and start combing his very very long bangs IN FRONT of his eyes!! (Umm, why wouldn’t you just pull the hair UP????) She had the personality of my fingernail and didn’t try to talk to him at all….he started screaming and we pulled him out of the car.  We asked to speak to the owner – who was very nice and listened to our complaints and tried to help as much as he could.  The stylist told us that some parents will literally strap their kids into the car and let them scream and cry through the whole thing. We explained that we are not those types of parents and that we do not want him to be this upset and have it be traumatic for him.  I think if she had given us some warning that she was just going to pounce on him like that in the beginning….we could have told her to sloooow down and warm up to him.  After he got his hair combed so roughly, he refused to get back in the chair/taxi cab and I had to hold him while trying to read, play with the hairdryer, give him a lollipop (so cute, but didn’t work…), etc etc.  We finally got it done (I was covered in hair by the end of it) and it actually looks really cute.  We did the 1st haircut package (photo taken, lock of hair and a little card…..).  They took 6 photos of him, 5 of which were blurry.  The one I selected was still pretty awful.  Then they attached the photo and lock of hair to the card and wrote his name and the date.  When they gave it to me I had to give it right back, as they spelled it “Vachlan” instead of “Lachlan”.  Yikes.  Pretty sad if you ask me.  Especially for a kids cut at 21.95.  I doubt we’d return unless there was another stylist who tried a little harder and was MUCH more attentive.  Anyway… to come in the next few days.  He’s been feeling the back of his neck since the cut….I think it’s an adjustment for him to not have those golden curls back there!! He definitely looks more grown up now….

Okay, now to the shameless plug.  I’ve been totally slacking with the onesie’s of the month….as I’m sure you’ve all noticed.  Life was just too busy there for awhile with house hunting, moving, renovating (still ongoing) etc….Anyway, I would like to let you guys know that I am accepting onesie (and t-shirts, etc) orders at tiffreynolds at hotmail dot com.  You can go with a design we have done in previous months, or let me know something you’d like in particular.  Generally the designs are one color for infant apparel.  Also, if you have any other screenprinting needs (child, youth and adult t-shirts, sweatpants, tank tops, etc etc) , please consider using us.  Karli prints everything herself and is committed to putting out quality stuff! Whether your screenprinting needs are for a family reunion, church function, business garments, etc….we’d love to help you out.  We are a manual screenprinting operation that can do quantities from 12-5000….up to a 6 color design (but the fewer the colors the cheaper the price per garment).  We can also print on tote bags, etc.  So, keep us in mind for yourselves or friends or family.  We can ship via our UPS account too!!! We are a wholesaler….so our prices are really good! Email again is tiffreynolds at hotmail dot com.  Let me know if I can quote you out! Thanks folks!


Snip Snip

Lachlan’s first haircut is this weekend…..we love the shaggy surfer hair, but the back is getting a little long, and the front keeps getting in his eyes.  It’s time.  A little sad to say goodbye to most of the golden locks….but it needs to be done.  We have an appointment for Saturday and I’m armed with the following photo….this is what I want for my little man…..notice it parts at the same place Lach’s hair does! Still funky, but out of his eyes.  Cross your fingers he sits still (can an almost-18-month-old sit still?) and they don’t butcher it.  We ARE going to a hair salon that caters to kidlets…….he gets to sit in an airplane or car while his hair is being cut.  Hopefully it comes out just like this (please please please).  Photos to come for sure……

26 Feels Like 36

26 weeks pregnant and looking and feeling like 36 weeks.  The pregnancy is going really well, but I was a tad depressed last night when I couldn’t bend over this belly to shave my legs.  ‘So soon?’, I thought. I feel huger then huge and sort of had a I-just-want-to-cut-to-the-end moment last night.  Feeling guilty for even feeling that way…but it is what it is I guess.  The blues may have been brought on by the fact that I have developed a really bad vericose vein on my right leg by my knee.  It’s ugly and painful and surrounded by bluish purple spider veins…..and after standing most of the day it is really sensitive and hot to the touch.  Midwife advised elevating it before bed for 10-15 minutes, making sure my foot is higher than my heart and keeping a close eye on it…..worried about possible clots forming.  Oh, and I needed to get a thigh-high compression stocking for my leg, she said.  (Warning: complaining ahead)  That should be fun with July and August right around the corner!   Add on Virginia’s humidity…ugh. I did order the type with the cut-out toe….I should be stylin’ in flip flops with just part of the stocking showing.  I was practically in tears last night in the bathtub.  I don’t remember feeling THIS big so soon with Lach.   It’s 110% worth the end-result and I’m thanking my lucky stars I have avoided the carpal tunnel that I got with pregnancy #1.  Lots to be thankful for….a beautiful 17 month old, great partner and bouncing (big) baby boy in my belly…..but I’m trying to allow myself to feel a little grumpy for once.  After all, someone did say to me over the weekend – “And you’re SURE it’s not twins?” Ha ha.