Calling all my blogging friends, lurkers and all!! Lachlan is in a casting call here in Richmond….would you please vote for him?? It only takes a second! One vote per computer. Please tell family, friends, everyone! As incentive, if Lachlan wins I will be divulging the name of baby boy 2.0 on the blog!!! Thanks guys….this means the world!!!  Go to the following link below, click on “VOTE FOR CASTING CALL” and then scroll down past the kids, select “Lachlan” and VOTE!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!!  Ps. You can ALSO vote from your cell phone if you have internet access!

Go to:  http://blissinrichmond.com/


19 thoughts on “I NEED YOUR HELP!

  1. I just vote! Your sweetie is no1 so far (56%), next kid has 15%. soo, I`ll keep my fingers crossed. pic is too cute. The photographer is awesome!

  2. Lachlan has our vote! I will vote later today from a different computer and K and I promise to both vote from work come Monday.

    So far he’s waaaay in the lead! Go Lachlan (based on looks, he’s got it in the bag!) So very cute!!!

  3. Voted! I hope he gets it – probably, what with 232 votes!!

    As an aside, I think the little girl on the front page for the website is from Notes From 2 Moms!

  4. Thanks everyone!!!! Keep up the great work and don’t forget to spread the word to family and friends!!!! Lach is in the lead….

    Att – Yes, it is!! LJ has had several photo sessions with this photographer, and the photos have been wonderful!

  5. your cutie got my vote, though it doesn’t look like he needed it; ) my blog pals came through in spades for a photo contest that my girls won several months ago so i’m happy to do my part.

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