22 Weeks!

Definitely feeling, definitely looking pregnant now at 22 weeks.   2.0 is moving around a lot….I feel him late at night the most when I’m lying in bed…maybe this is because I’m finally still and don’t have any distractions to worry about.   K has just been able to feel the beginnings of the movement….she says they’re like light taps of a finger.  I find I’m so busy with Lach and the house, that I haven’t paid nearly as much close attention to this pregnancy and connecting with our second son.  Good and bad.  Good because it allows me to not focus on the uncomfortableness of my growing belly….or the veins (the VVV is way better by the way and the new headache is a bad vein in my leg and ugly purple spider veins that have popped up – ugh!), Bad because I haven’t really connected to this new little one.  I know I love him already, but I just feel like I’m neglecting him in some way…does that make any sense at all? I haven’t read him any books or played him any music – though I’m sure he appreciates hearing me read his brother “Raggedy Anne & The Cookie Snatcher” five times in a row every night.  Belly pics have been seriously lacking.  Finally cracked out the camera this AM to take the 22 week belly shot.  Please ignore the toys and “mocha” in the background!


4 thoughts on “22 Weeks!

  1. I’m not one to talk to my unborn babies or think of them by their name – I think it’s some sort of superstition. But of course 2.0 can hear you!

    And one REALLY neat thing- Little Man is a huge talker, and ever since the day he was born #2 reacts to Little Man’s voice. I mean it, in the hospital when LM first saw him #2 reacted to look towards him. Little Man is still his favorite person. It’s just so cool.

  2. totally understand what you’re saying. i sometimes forget i’m pregnant at all until zig starts trying to dismantle my bladder or do some chorus line bits. and then i talk to him and think of him and massage my belly. i think he’s just ready to join our little circus already.

    raggedy anne and the cookie snatcher? is this some sort of lesbian pulp fiction book? 🙂

  3. Hello bump! It’s perfect.

    I have a feeling things will be different in many ways with the 2nd but he’s not loved any less, he’s just part of an already established and busy family. What a fun world he’s coming into with an active big bro and a great new house that mommy has worked so hard on! He’ll love it.

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