The Dog Feeder

Thank you (my wonderful blog friends) for voting!!! Lach is still in the lead! Voting is until June 4th, but we think we have it!! I will be doing a password protected post after June 4th revealing 2.0’s name.  If you voted for Lachness, just shoot me an email letting me know at: tiffreynolds at hotmail dot com and I’ll give you the password.  That way, you guys still have the option of having it be a secret if you want…I’m not just putting it out there for everyone to see 🙂 In other news, we’re still working on the house.  Kitchen isn’t completed yet….but will be shortly….I should have photos of that SOON! Until then….our little dog feeder……



Calling all my blogging friends, lurkers and all!! Lachlan is in a casting call here in Richmond….would you please vote for him?? It only takes a second! One vote per computer. Please tell family, friends, everyone! As incentive, if Lachlan wins I will be divulging the name of baby boy 2.0 on the blog!!! Thanks guys….this means the world!!!  Go to the following link below, click on “VOTE FOR CASTING CALL” and then scroll down past the kids, select “Lachlan” and VOTE!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!!  Ps. You can ALSO vote from your cell phone if you have internet access!

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22 Weeks!

Definitely feeling, definitely looking pregnant now at 22 weeks.   2.0 is moving around a lot….I feel him late at night the most when I’m lying in bed…maybe this is because I’m finally still and don’t have any distractions to worry about.   K has just been able to feel the beginnings of the movement….she says they’re like light taps of a finger.  I find I’m so busy with Lach and the house, that I haven’t paid nearly as much close attention to this pregnancy and connecting with our second son.  Good and bad.  Good because it allows me to not focus on the uncomfortableness of my growing belly….or the veins (the VVV is way better by the way and the new headache is a bad vein in my leg and ugly purple spider veins that have popped up – ugh!), Bad because I haven’t really connected to this new little one.  I know I love him already, but I just feel like I’m neglecting him in some way…does that make any sense at all? I haven’t read him any books or played him any music – though I’m sure he appreciates hearing me read his brother “Raggedy Anne & The Cookie Snatcher” five times in a row every night.  Belly pics have been seriously lacking.  Finally cracked out the camera this AM to take the 22 week belly shot.  Please ignore the toys and “mocha” in the background!

Just A FEW More Projects…

… and then I can get back to blogging! It’s been a busy week.  We closed on the new house April 30th, but weren’t able to move in right away.  As you can see, we are re-doing the kitchen – putting in new countertops, sink, faucet and backsplash.  We’ve painted all rooms but the kitchen and are almost done un-packing.  Still need to hang artwork, photos, etc. and put in our new washer/dryer.  Updated photo of the kitchen SOON, as well as the rest of the place! We love our new home and Lachlan is having so much fun already 🙂  As for baby news, 21 weeks tomorrow (half-way through!!!) and feeling good.  400 IU of vit. e seems to be helping quite a bit.  Still not feeling baby boy 2.0 too much, but last midwife appt (this AM) assured me that he’s moving around like crazy and doing well!! Gained 8 lbs so far and definitely feeling BIG!  More later!!