Bullets & 1 Huge Accomplishment

Thanks for all the congrats on baby boy 2.0 guys!!!! We’re so excited!! We now call the baby by name and Lachlan totally knows WHERE the baby is.  He comes up to me and lifts up my shirt, then kisses my belly.  Talk about making your heart melt!

  • 19 weeks pregnant today! I’m finding it’s going a lot faster the second time around!  No carpel tunnel yet – woooo!
  • Totally not feeling the baby much, which kind of sucks.  Big difference with pregnancy #1.  Anterior placenta to blame for that (placenta is in front of the baby….so when he kicks it’s like kicking through a cushion).
  • Refusing to buy any more maternity clothes.  Band on the maternity jeans just rolls down.  I’m wearing lightweight vintage jersey lounge pants and comfy slouchy-chic type tops now.
  • We close on the house on Friday!! Can’t believe the move is so soon.  We have to put up a wooden fence on one side of the house in the next few days….oh, and paint all the rooms before moving in.   We have to do a little bit of electrical work and install new kitchen countertop, sink and backsplash.  At least we bought the new washer/dryer already.  Frontloading – love it! Have I mentioned we haven’t started packing yet!??? Ahhhh…..
  • To answer a question from the last post – Yes, I am definitely planning another homebirth with the same amazing midwife.  Still trying to figure out if Lach will be there or not…..I think it will be quite a challenge if he is and I’m not sure if I would be able to focus on just birthing this baby.  Midwife is predicting a labour about 1/2 the time as before….so we’re looking at about 3 1/2 – 4 hours of total labour and she is guessing around 10 minutes of pushing……I sure hope she’s right.
  • I have been taking 200 IU of all natural Vit.E for about a week now.  Not noticing any significant decrease in the VVV.  I think I will up it to 400 IU here soon….
  • Now for the huge accomplishment….drumroll please…….Lachlan is officially WEANED!!!!! I don’t want to jinx it by typing it out here but I really think I’ve done it and felt such it was such a big deal (for me) that I had to post.  The past 4 nights I have put him to bed by rocking him to sleep to the new I.mogen cd.  Previous nights he has nursed ONE TIME (down from 3-6 times).  Last night, I did not nurse him AT ALL.  He went to bed at 9ish, slept till 3:15.  Got up and came in the bed with me….fell back asleep until 7:15.  This is what I call heaven. I am so proud of him and me!!! Had planned to do it once we were in the new place….but really felt like my body was telling me to do it now.  It was becoming really painful! I knew my body needed to do this now and have a break before 2.0 arrives! I will have so many wonderful memories of nursing Lach and am looking forward to it again with #2.


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