The Big Reveal

This morning was our much-anticipated gender ultrasound! Lachlan was with K’s mom at T.arget so K could enjoy the big reveal – sans toddler.  All is healthy and perfect with our 9oz energetic baby (measuring at 19w1d, even though today is only 18w2d!).  Our adorable little one has a big belly and long legs…..just like his big brother.  That’s right guys…..we’re having another boy!  Ultrasound photos below.  No money shots of boy parts….but don’t worry, we saw it plain as day!  Name has been chosen and we love it (secret squirrel until he’s here)!  Everything looked healthy and perfect; we feel so blessed!! I think deep down, we knew it was a boy…..Lachlan will be so excited to have a baby brother!!!


25 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. How exciting!!! I really think the name should be revealed sooner this time, you kept us in suspense with Lach! I have been meaning to post for a while now. Not sure if Lach is drinking milk any better but my SIL had to give her boys vanilla soy milk to ease their transition from the breast. She then mixed half with whole milk until they got used to it. Just thought I would pass that along to you. 🙂

  2. Boys are great! Sebby approves and I’ve no doubt that Lach does too.

    Is the name guessable? I’m pretty good at it!!??


  3. WOW Congratulations to all of you, you must be on cloud nine with this great reassuring news that you have a perfect little healthy baby chugging along in there. Another little boy! Aww that is so sweet! Thanks for sharing the ultrasound pictures, I love them.

  4. I FINALLY am catching back up on my blogs!!! And I FINALLY actually blogged on mine too 🙂 CONGRATS!!!! How exciting!!!! I can’t wait to find out the name 🙂 and I can’t wait to see this beautiful boy… I bet Lach is going to love being a big brother… how sweet!!!!

  5. Thanks guys!!!!!! After much consideration about providing a hint for the name for baby boy 2.0…….I’ve decided it’s best that I not….although I’d love to see if the same few folks could be right again this ’round…..

    Maybe….no, I will not. 🙂

  6. Oh wow what a different it makes when you don’t blogstalk!!! i Come back and I feel like your pregnancy is flying by quickly…. Seeing the baby this clearly and all….sighhhhh
    P.s there is an old wives tail that says when you kid does that pose L is doing in the Pic, it means you are pregnant…I have seen it work first hand…Thank GOD you planned your pregnancy….lol…oh this would have been quit a shocker’
    lmaooooo CONGRATS!!!! luv!

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