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Vaginal Vericose Veins.  It’s enough to scare you…..just reading it…..right?  Never knew such a thing existed until, unfortunately, NOW.  Apparently “VVV” (not so lovingly nicknamed) only occur in 4% of pregnancies and I definitely did not have it with Lachlan. I was having pain down there for the last week or so….sitting down, peeing, etc….and called the MW. She said that things are just harder on your body the 2nd go round and that I’m likely just swollen, etc.  I had wanted to call her because I had quite a few postpartum complications with my girl parts! I didn’t write about it much on here because it was just so unbelievably depressing and actually really traumatic for me.  It took a long time for me to get back to “normal” (had to have several surgical inpatient procedures with my OB, long recovery from tear, etc etc).   Anyway, I listened to my MW and just figured the uncomfortableness and pain was swelling and I’d just have to deal with it. I’ve tried to ignore it the past few days.  Well, it was really hurting yesterday, and I pulled out a mirror out to look and – sure enough – I have a friggin “VVV” down there…..it is so painful and there is nothing I can do besides lay down with my feet up (with a toddler….not really possible!).  It isn’t just THOSE veins either….all of my veins are so much fuller with all the extra blood I’m producing for the baby.  The other ones aren’t really noticeable and aren’t painful.  Good news is that they will go away after the birth….but realizing I have this for another 5 months is really a bit of a downer. It affects your sex life and just plain hurts…even when I’m doing nothing.  MW suggested 200-400 IU of non-synthetic Vit. E.  That is supposed to take away some of the pain.  Getting that asap.  *Sigh* Feeling sorry for myself!!!!! Why do I have to be in the 4%???

Ps.  Thanks for all the compliments on our Lachness Monster.  I’m glad you all loved the photos as much as us! You guys are super sweet.  I would have read them to Lach himself, but figured he might think he was too cute 😉

PPs.  17 Week midwife appointment was today.  Baby’s heartbeat was strong and perfect.  I’m measuring exactly at 17 weeks.  Pee looked good.  Weight gain so far: 3 lbs.  I am weighing exactly 20lbs less at 17 weeks right now then I did at 17 weeks with Lachlan.  Hoping that I don’t gain a TON, but trying not to let it bother me even if I do.   Not feeling the baby’s movements a lot, as the placenta is right in front!

PPPs.  Gender ultrasound is next week Thursday!!!!! Everyone is convinced it’s a boy….the in.telligender test probably didn’t help that.  A girl would be the ULTIMATE surprise.  Bring on the predictions people!!!!!!


13 thoughts on “3 Words

  1. Poor thing! It sounds like you and I had similar tear recoveries…it took forever! And now you have to deal with this! I sure hope that the Vit. E helps with the discomfort. Just try and focus on that perfectly developing baby! 🙂

  2. owowow! i am SO sorry. i hope the vitamin E acts fast. a bit of unsolicited assvice: don’t take vitamin E and iron together; your body won’t absorb either as well.

    i wish you happy veins and happy lady parts. x

  3. I’ve had patient’s who’ve had a lot of relief with a V2 supporter. They’re sold online from maternityshop.com or you can just google V2 supporter. Let me know if it works for you- I know the VVV can be horrible. Feel better!

  4. I vote for a girl and I have absolutely nothing to back it up! Not even a hunch. I just think little girls are fabulous and since you have an incredible little boy, bring on the girls!

    Best wishes for good health and a lot less pain!

  5. Ugh. I am sorry. My friend had the vulvar varicosities and she had a hell of a time. I hope you have a milder case. xo

  6. Aw no, I haven’t heard of that before but I’m sorry that you fell into the unlucky 4% it doesn’t sound like fun at all! Glad to hear everything is going well, exciting to have the gender ultrasound just around the corner too!

  7. SOrry to hear about the post-pregnancy surgeries and complications 😦 The same thing happened to my friend and it is a year later and she is STILL having complications! She’s so depressed about it. I had an emerg C-section so my complications were all in the abdominal area :/
    I can imagine that must hurt like hell 😦
    The things we go through for our babies!!!
    I am going to just sayyyyyyy… a girl. Not sure why, haha, just a hunch.

  8. Shudders. I didn’t even know that existed. If it is anything like my post baby hemmroid pain I feel for you. I thought THAT was bad! Cringes for you.

  9. Oh sweetie, that sounds miserable in every way. I wish you weren’t in the 4% too.

    Can’t wait to hear if you have a boy or a girl!!! I’m going to vote girl just to go against the flow 😉

  10. I had these with Sebby – they weren’t terrible (and didn’t go away entirely!!) but weren’t especially pleasant either. I got great relief from witch hazel compresses – which can be easily achieved by soaking a sanitary pad in witch hazel and changing it a couple of times during the day. I don’t understand how this helped but it really did.

    Thinking of you xx

  11. Oh hun i want to cry for you!! I had no idea that was even possible!! I hope that the vit. E works……

    p,s, im’ voting girl too 😀

  12. I think I had these mildly, but I never had them checked out. Oh, I feel for you! I hope the vitamin E does the trick!

    Hmmm…I really think it might be a girl this time, but I think that’s what I said with Lach too. 🙂

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