Easter & Other Updates

Thanks for the comments on the baby bump! I haven’t been taking as many belly shots as I had wanted to so far….but, there’s still time….so I plan to do a better job for the rest of the pregnancy!! The “belly shots” tab on the blog is still from pregnancy #1.  Definitely need to update!!

1.  The house inspection went VERY well.  There was nothing major (roof, hvac, foundation, pluming, etc), just a few minor electrical things and random stuff (ie. the doorbell doesn’t work!).  We requested every.single.thing be fixed and the owner/agent agreed to them ALL! We feel SO blessed.  Everything is going through underwriting right now and our closing date is in THREE WEEKS! I’m so excited I can hardly handle it 🙂  More updates as I get ’em!

2.  I have completely weaned Lach from daytime nursing!! Every day I take him for a walk in his stroller right around nap-time.  He has fallen asleep each time (with the help of cell phone ringtones).  It feels really good to have that part of it behind me.  Night-time weaning will begin in 3 weeks.  I am going to do it right when we get in the new place….a whole lot of change at once! I appreciated all the input and advice you guys gave, and plan on using it!!! I’m preparing myself for some tough couple nights regardless though.  Ps.  He’s teething again too! Argh! The 4th tooth has broken through, and there is another one under the surface that’s trying hard to do the same….

3. K and I had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We both didn’t have a desire to go to a church service or anything since we do not attend during the rest of the year.  We had gotten Lachlan a very cute, preppy Easter outfit and wanted to get photos taken of him in it.  We’ve always had the professional ones done, but since K got me a fancy-shmancy camera for Xmas, I thought I’d try it out! We went to a children’s animal farm here in the city.  We got there at 9am, not realizing it didn’t open until 10! However, one of the workers opened up the park early for us and we were the only folks there.  There were sheep, goats, ducks, deer, fox, bears, etc….and we had a beautiful morning!!! The camera got some great shots in the natural light.  A few of my favs below from the day….I was really happy how they turned out and glad we decided to forgo the typical stiff-posed professional photos that we normally get taken (don’t get me wrong, I loved the ones we got at Xmas, etc….but this was a refreshing change!).


21 thoughts on “Easter & Other Updates

  1. Hurray for a good house inspection. Home ownership is a wonderful feeling. And look at your cute preppy little boy. I would have a hard time resisting the urge to give him pigtails, hehe.

  2. Those are some gorgeous photos of your little GQ boy. He’s so cute!

    Congrats on the inspection! That’s great news!

  3. the ringtones crack me up because on of daniel’s favorite things is to watch an anime ringtone. we break it out in emergency. way to go with weaning!! good luck with the move. it is challenging but rewarding

  4. The pictures actually look very close to some of the professional, on-location outdoor pictures I have seen. Congrats on a great inspection & on the successful day-weaning!

  5. too cute! He looks very happy 🙂
    I love his long hair and the preppy outfit! Which camera do you have? The quality of the pictures is amazing! And congrats to the inspection. Are you already packing? Wishing you tons of energy and much fun for the moving!

    xo, Monika

  6. i pop in from time to time and it had been a while and i see that not only is your boy handsome as all get out but you are expecting again! big congrats on your growing fam!

  7. sooooo cute!!
    (& I am just going to sound like a giant dork- but W wore the same shirt & vest for his Easter and it just made me beam to see your beautiful boy decked out the same!)

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