Bullets & 1 Huge Accomplishment

Thanks for all the congrats on baby boy 2.0 guys!!!! We’re so excited!! We now call the baby by name and Lachlan totally knows WHERE the baby is.  He comes up to me and lifts up my shirt, then kisses my belly.  Talk about making your heart melt!

  • 19 weeks pregnant today! I’m finding it’s going a lot faster the second time around!  No carpel tunnel yet – woooo!
  • Totally not feeling the baby much, which kind of sucks.  Big difference with pregnancy #1.  Anterior placenta to blame for that (placenta is in front of the baby….so when he kicks it’s like kicking through a cushion).
  • Refusing to buy any more maternity clothes.  Band on the maternity jeans just rolls down.  I’m wearing lightweight vintage jersey lounge pants and comfy slouchy-chic type tops now.
  • We close on the house on Friday!! Can’t believe the move is so soon.  We have to put up a wooden fence on one side of the house in the next few days….oh, and paint all the rooms before moving in.   We have to do a little bit of electrical work and install new kitchen countertop, sink and backsplash.  At least we bought the new washer/dryer already.  Frontloading – love it! Have I mentioned we haven’t started packing yet!??? Ahhhh…..
  • To answer a question from the last post – Yes, I am definitely planning another homebirth with the same amazing midwife.  Still trying to figure out if Lach will be there or not…..I think it will be quite a challenge if he is and I’m not sure if I would be able to focus on just birthing this baby.  Midwife is predicting a labour about 1/2 the time as before….so we’re looking at about 3 1/2 – 4 hours of total labour and she is guessing around 10 minutes of pushing……I sure hope she’s right.
  • I have been taking 200 IU of all natural Vit.E for about a week now.  Not noticing any significant decrease in the VVV.  I think I will up it to 400 IU here soon….
  • Now for the huge accomplishment….drumroll please…….Lachlan is officially WEANED!!!!! I don’t want to jinx it by typing it out here but I really think I’ve done it and felt such it was such a big deal (for me) that I had to post.  The past 4 nights I have put him to bed by rocking him to sleep to the new I.mogen cd.  Previous nights he has nursed ONE TIME (down from 3-6 times).  Last night, I did not nurse him AT ALL.  He went to bed at 9ish, slept till 3:15.  Got up and came in the bed with me….fell back asleep until 7:15.  This is what I call heaven. I am so proud of him and me!!! Had planned to do it once we were in the new place….but really felt like my body was telling me to do it now.  It was becoming really painful! I knew my body needed to do this now and have a break before 2.0 arrives! I will have so many wonderful memories of nursing Lach and am looking forward to it again with #2.


The Big Reveal

This morning was our much-anticipated gender ultrasound! Lachlan was with K’s mom at T.arget so K could enjoy the big reveal – sans toddler.  All is healthy and perfect with our 9oz energetic baby (measuring at 19w1d, even though today is only 18w2d!).  Our adorable little one has a big belly and long legs…..just like his big brother.  That’s right guys…..we’re having another boy!  Ultrasound photos below.  No money shots of boy parts….but don’t worry, we saw it plain as day!  Name has been chosen and we love it (secret squirrel until he’s here)!  Everything looked healthy and perfect; we feel so blessed!! I think deep down, we knew it was a boy…..Lachlan will be so excited to have a baby brother!!!

3 Words

Vaginal Vericose Veins.  It’s enough to scare you…..just reading it…..right?  Never knew such a thing existed until, unfortunately, NOW.  Apparently “VVV” (not so lovingly nicknamed) only occur in 4% of pregnancies and I definitely did not have it with Lachlan. I was having pain down there for the last week or so….sitting down, peeing, etc….and called the MW. She said that things are just harder on your body the 2nd go round and that I’m likely just swollen, etc.  I had wanted to call her because I had quite a few postpartum complications with my girl parts! I didn’t write about it much on here because it was just so unbelievably depressing and actually really traumatic for me.  It took a long time for me to get back to “normal” (had to have several surgical inpatient procedures with my OB, long recovery from tear, etc etc).   Anyway, I listened to my MW and just figured the uncomfortableness and pain was swelling and I’d just have to deal with it. I’ve tried to ignore it the past few days.  Well, it was really hurting yesterday, and I pulled out a mirror out to look and – sure enough – I have a friggin “VVV” down there…..it is so painful and there is nothing I can do besides lay down with my feet up (with a toddler….not really possible!).  It isn’t just THOSE veins either….all of my veins are so much fuller with all the extra blood I’m producing for the baby.  The other ones aren’t really noticeable and aren’t painful.  Good news is that they will go away after the birth….but realizing I have this for another 5 months is really a bit of a downer. It affects your sex life and just plain hurts…even when I’m doing nothing.  MW suggested 200-400 IU of non-synthetic Vit. E.  That is supposed to take away some of the pain.  Getting that asap.  *Sigh* Feeling sorry for myself!!!!! Why do I have to be in the 4%???

Ps.  Thanks for all the compliments on our Lachness Monster.  I’m glad you all loved the photos as much as us! You guys are super sweet.  I would have read them to Lach himself, but figured he might think he was too cute 😉

PPs.  17 Week midwife appointment was today.  Baby’s heartbeat was strong and perfect.  I’m measuring exactly at 17 weeks.  Pee looked good.  Weight gain so far: 3 lbs.  I am weighing exactly 20lbs less at 17 weeks right now then I did at 17 weeks with Lachlan.  Hoping that I don’t gain a TON, but trying not to let it bother me even if I do.   Not feeling the baby’s movements a lot, as the placenta is right in front!

PPPs.  Gender ultrasound is next week Thursday!!!!! Everyone is convinced it’s a boy….the in.telligender test probably didn’t help that.  A girl would be the ULTIMATE surprise.  Bring on the predictions people!!!!!!

Easter & Other Updates

Thanks for the comments on the baby bump! I haven’t been taking as many belly shots as I had wanted to so far….but, there’s still time….so I plan to do a better job for the rest of the pregnancy!! The “belly shots” tab on the blog is still from pregnancy #1.  Definitely need to update!!

1.  The house inspection went VERY well.  There was nothing major (roof, hvac, foundation, pluming, etc), just a few minor electrical things and random stuff (ie. the doorbell doesn’t work!).  We requested every.single.thing be fixed and the owner/agent agreed to them ALL! We feel SO blessed.  Everything is going through underwriting right now and our closing date is in THREE WEEKS! I’m so excited I can hardly handle it 🙂  More updates as I get ’em!

2.  I have completely weaned Lach from daytime nursing!! Every day I take him for a walk in his stroller right around nap-time.  He has fallen asleep each time (with the help of cell phone ringtones).  It feels really good to have that part of it behind me.  Night-time weaning will begin in 3 weeks.  I am going to do it right when we get in the new place….a whole lot of change at once! I appreciated all the input and advice you guys gave, and plan on using it!!! I’m preparing myself for some tough couple nights regardless though.  Ps.  He’s teething again too! Argh! The 4th tooth has broken through, and there is another one under the surface that’s trying hard to do the same….

3. K and I had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We both didn’t have a desire to go to a church service or anything since we do not attend during the rest of the year.  We had gotten Lachlan a very cute, preppy Easter outfit and wanted to get photos taken of him in it.  We’ve always had the professional ones done, but since K got me a fancy-shmancy camera for Xmas, I thought I’d try it out! We went to a children’s animal farm here in the city.  We got there at 9am, not realizing it didn’t open until 10! However, one of the workers opened up the park early for us and we were the only folks there.  There were sheep, goats, ducks, deer, fox, bears, etc….and we had a beautiful morning!!! The camera got some great shots in the natural light.  A few of my favs below from the day….I was really happy how they turned out and glad we decided to forgo the typical stiff-posed professional photos that we normally get taken (don’t get me wrong, I loved the ones we got at Xmas, etc….but this was a refreshing change!).