Moving Quickly

Things are moving quickly. Our sweet little man is 15 months old today!! *Fun fact: Two years ago today was our insemination and conception date!!!* He is getting so big and changing so fast.  Just when I start getting the hang of a particular routine, he switches everything up on me again! I guess that’s motherhood though… constantly have to evolve with your kids.  I am doing a really crappy job in the process of trying to wean Lach from one of his nursing sessions.  He nurses for his AM nap, and then again for bedtime.  I’m trying to completely eliminate the AM nursing session and go to just nursing to bed at night. Some days it goes really well, others – not so much.  I had 3 days of getting him to sleep in his stroller (so easily too!) with NO milk.  Then, on day 4, he pitched a fit for milk and pointed to the chair & boppy and cried and cried.  Of course I nursed him and am not beating myself up for it.  He clearly needed it that day, so I did it.  We had about 2 days of back-to-old-nursing sessions out of routine.  Well, it’s a new week now and I got him to sleep today without milk! Wooo! So, we’re back to trying to partially wean.  My goal is get rid of the AM session, and then in about a week or so, try to remove the night-time one (and the subsequent mini sessions throughout the night).  I’m no dummy and know this will NOT be an easy task.  I wish he liked PLAIN OLD WHOLE MILK….as I would try to give him a bottle in the middle of the night and see if eventually he’d wean off that too.  Alas, he only drinks chocolate milk. I guess I could do that in the night (or try at least)…..but then I start thinking of the sugar in it and fear of tooth decay and all that.  Sigh.  These things are hard, and there is no magic “how to” to get the job done.  Motherhood is also just figuring-it-out-as-you-go.  Anyway, some input on this would be great if you guys have some.  Especially from mama’s who nursed toddlers….Oh, and if you were nursing a toddler AND pregnant, that’d be the jackpot!! Any advice totally appreciated of course.

Tomorrow I’ll be 15 weeks pregnant.  I feel like that sort of happened in the blink of eye.  My belly is really starting to pop, and if you can believe it…..the elastic band on my friggin’ maternity jeans are ALREADY starting to roll down.  It won’t be long until the underwear does the same.  Ahhh, sweet memories.  Sleep is still okay.  I am getting some minor back pain, but nothing major.  The body pillow is my best friend again.  So far, so good in the wrist department.  Don’t know if you all remember, but last time I had some serious serious carpal tunnel stuff going on (both wrists).  I had to wear wrist guards on both wrists and developed ganglion cysts as well.  (How can pregnancy make your body do this stuff!??).  I am hoping hoping hoping (seriously….) that I get a break this go-round.  Cannot even begin to imagine how I could pick up a 24 pound toddler when it feels like both my wrists have been smashed by a baseball bat.  I’m actually feeling pretty good.  Virginia hasn’t gotten HOT yet, so I’m good.  When the summer comes it will be challenging…but, for now, I am enjoying taking Lach for walks in the beautiful sunshine with a nice breeze blowing my way.  Oh, I’m beginning to feel the baby move too!! So excited about that.  I am feeling those familiar flutterings in my belly….like a butterfly is trapped in there.  It’s so cool and I am going to try to cherish every moment and feeling during this pregnancy (will I be saying that when he/she is kicking my ribs?) knowing that this will most likely be my last pregnancy.  Another really exciting thing – our gender ultrasound is on April 22nd.  I’ll be about 18.5 weeks, which is right when we found out we were having a boy last time.  I have a very strong feeling it’s going to be another boy….but the fact that it could be a girl is pretty cool too!

Thanks for all the sweet and congratulatory comments on the house.  We are just in love with it and cannot wait for closing.  We spent some time there over the weekend and seem to just adore the place the more and more we visit it.  We’ve gotten a few things for the front porch (rocking chair, flower pots, etc) in hopes that the place is already ours….the inspection is tomorrow at 1:30pm and I’m just crossing everything that there is nothing major major to be fixed.  Usually the big things are heating/air, roof, foundation, pluming/electrical…..I know we’re good on the HVAC system and roof….hoping the other stuff is okay.  I just cannot wait to get in to it and make it ours.  Every time we go over there, Lach runs around the yard like he is in heaven.  I can’t wait for us to raise a family in this home.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of the inside and out once we’ve sealed the deal.


Under Contract & Overwhelmed

  • After searching and searching for such a long time, K found this gorgeous cape Tuesday night.
  • Turns out, it had just been listed THAT day.
  • We got in there first thing Wednesday morning….and were the very first people to see it.
  • Contract was written up an hour later.
  • There were 5 more showings after us on Wednesday through 6pm.
  • In our offer we stated we had to receive an answer by 5pm.
  • 4:40 arrives.  They accepted our offer!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • We are officially under contract and close April 29th! Inspection is in the next few days.
  • Did I mention……brand new windows, new 30-year dimensional roof, new HVAC, gorgeous refinished hardwood floors throughout, covered front and back porch, stone fireplace in living room, new tile and stone refinished bathroom, huge attic, ceiling fans in each bedroom, amazing schools (elementary through highschool), gorgeous fenced-in back yard for the beagles (and kids!), 7 minutes to K’s work, Lach already acts like he owns the place, dream come true, overwhelming emotions about this place!!


I am very pregnant.  Repeatedly throwing up before bed, 13 week midwife appointment scheduled for tomorrow and the definite expansion of my waist.  The doughnut tummy.  Oh yeah.  The belly is getting bigger and bigger.  Proof at 12w6d:

And…..some photos taken of the boy over the weekend. The sun was shining, he was smiling…..and I had to pull out the camera…..

14 Months

I know, I’ve been sucking it up in the blogging department.  I feel like there is a lot to write about but just not enough time.  Today I planned a nice, long blog post….but Lachlan woke up from his nap after 10 minutes.  Ahhh, c’est la vie.  I plan to spend some time out in the beautiful sunshine today…..65 degrees and gorgeous! So, bullets it is for now.  Lach is now 14 months and doing lots of new things…….

  • Not only can he open every one of our doors all by himself, he can unlock them too!!!
  • He has just moved into size 5 shoes.
  • Tooth #3 is finally here! He has the 2 bottom middle teeth and then a top middle one.
  • He can go down stairs now! We call it being “responsible”.  He goes down backwards and slides down each one.
  • We are seeing more and more temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way….specifically when he can’t plug in the hairdryer or vacuum cleaner.
  • With only nursing twice a day now, I’d been trying to give him formula or whole milk.  He refused both repeatedly….but now drinks whole organic chocolate milk. Progress 🙂
  • He puts things away!  It’s true – he can be such a good little helper when he wants to be.  He can put all his toys away, and even the catalogs at work!
  • He won’t let us brush his teeth anymore.  He used to do it on his own, but now wants nothing to do with the toothbrush – whether it’s us doing it or himself…..we’re working on it….
  • He’s completely on big boy table food now.  No more stage 3 baby stuff at all.  He loves whole wheat grilled cheese sandwiches and, of course, mac n’ cheese.  Loves zucchini muffins, bananas and strawberries too.
  • Like me, he adores dark chocolate.
  • He points at what he wants now, and at what he wants us to see.  He also is learning more and more signs and has even come up with a few of his own (sky, clouds!)
  • Shaking his head and spinning in circles…..what in the world!?
  • We finally have gotten a break from F.rosty.  He will watch ONE E.lmo video and loves the in the Hat video with The S.neetches, The & G.reen Eggs And Ham.