One Tiny Baby

He or she is exactly one inch in length.  We had an appointment with my nurse practitioner yesterday and I asked her if she would do an ultrasound for me….just for my peace of mind.  She was happy to do it for us and we saw a very healthy, tiny little baby, measuring exactly on track at 9w0d.  He or she even kicked its legs a few times for us! I saw the spine, hands, feet, head, eyes (wow!) and tiny beating heart.  There aren’t many things in life that are as unbelievable as seeing that.  This little person moving around inside me …. and so early in the pregnancy! I can’t get over how cool that is.  Sigh of relief to see the beating heart and know that our one tiny baby is doing well.  We will only have one other ultrasound (as long as everything is normal) at around 20 wks to find out the sex of the babe.  We have begun narrowing down the list of baby names….we have more boy names than girl names at this point.  K and I both are thinking it’s a girl and can’t wait to find out……as soon as we have decided on the name I can come up with a nickname.  It feels weird not having one for baby deux….

First appointment with our midwife is in 3 weeks.  It’s definitely sunk in now after seeing him/her yesterday.  My belly is getting bigger (MUST get maternity jeans sooon) and the nausea is in full swing.  We ventured out to the homebirth group last night, for the first time since L was born….so great to see familiar faces and get excited about birth again! Belly shots in the near future….definitely with my top ON now, as the stretch marks kicked my butt last pregnancy.  Got photos of the babe from yesterday, but he/she looks more like a blob….my NP didn’t zoom in the photos.  We’ll see if I can post a decent one in the next day or so.  Our sweet Lachlan is teething for real this time….we think he’ll get a bunch at one time….the poor thing is miserable and sleep is nowhere to be found at night.  Trying everything under the sun to make him feel better and have the energy to get through the days (at least the sick has left him!).  K is tired at work, I’m tired taking care of the little man who never stops! The tiny baby is wearing me out too.  Building a baby is hard work!! That’s all for now…


5 thoughts on “One Tiny Baby

  1. I’m so happy for you! I love reading your blog, though I’m not usually a commenter, but I wanted to say hi. Hope the nausea ends soon and sleep returns for all of you.

  2. Really happy about the Newbie, but sad to hear that Lach is having a rough teething patch. It is NOT fun. Hope he starts cutting those bad boys soon so you can all get some rest 🙂

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