And Now They All Know

We told K’s mom over the weekend, and her dad this morning.  We are now announcing it to friends, f.acebook, the world…..tomorrow is 8 weeks pregnant! I’m getting sick every night….so hoping that is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy! This photo REALLY makes it REAL!!!!!  My belly is already expanding….much faster than pregnancy #1!  Maternity jeans will need to be purchased in the next 2 weeks or so….

My little man is feeling SO much better now – thankfully! Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts.  He was not responding to the antibiotics for STREP.  Our pedi had to put him on something much stronger, that seems to have done the trick now.  We are still waiting on blood results to see if he had bacteria in his blood.  If he DID, we have to return for further bloodwork….but I’m thinking they’ll come back negative.  I have been pushing the probiotics and yogurt and that with lots of cuddles seem to be helping a lot.   The past 2 days, Lachlan hasn’t asked for milk in the afternoon – he normally nurses for his nap (10:30 or so), then at 3:30 in the afternoon, then to sleep at night (7:30 or so).  Maybe he is dropping the afternoon one for good?? Should I TRY to replace that feeding with whole milk??? Warm or cold?


12 thoughts on “And Now They All Know

  1. Congrats on baby deux, first of all! I’ve lurked for quite awhile… My daughter is almost exactly the same age as Lachlan, so it was nice having a fellow pregnant writer to read 🙂

    I think the whole replacing the BF session is totally up to you, so I can’t really give anything in the way of advice regarding that…. My munchkins are/were quite fond of warm milk…. Never really drank much cold other than with dinner occassionally, so I guess it’s just little man’s preference that will determine it.

    Hope the morning sickness isn’t too bad 🙂 Congrats, COngrats, Congrats!!

  2. I know! I couldn’t believe how early I needed maternity clothes with this pregnancy.

    I would see if he likes cold milk in a sippy cup or bottle (just because it’s easier), and if he does, you’re all set. If he doesn’t, try warm milk. That’s what we did. Teo was fine with cold milk.

  3. I love love the shirt!

    You are such a great friend.

    We have started giving cow’s milk in D’s morning cereal and she loves it…so we offer it in the sippy (although you know our issues with this situation). Good luck!

  4. I am glad to hear that Lachlan is doing better again. This infections can be nasty. I am not sure but around here it is said that children under 2 years can develop allergies through cow`s milk and that goat milk is preferrable. But I am not a mother yet, so i just can quote what I read or hear from other ppls experiences. I would warm the milk up to body temp (mimicking the bf milk). He looks cute in his announcing tee. Hoping the morning sickness will pass soon . xoxo, M.

  5. I am glad he is feeling better and that you get to announce your big news:)

    RE: the milk, I wasn’t able to provide breast milk for as long as you but I can tell what Ellie does now. Our pediatrician had us move towards feeding her three meals a day. We do give her whole milk (and at times 2%) but not all the time. We do water as well. The first few times we did whole milk we heated it. She was perfectly fine transitioning to cold. 🙂 Oh and we did it in a Sippy cup.

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