So sick.

Another quick update.  Lachlan has strep and some-other-bacteria-thing going on.  He’s been on antibiotics for 5 days, with a high fever for 8 whole days.  We just returned from the pedi, after being there for four…..I repeat….FOUR hours.  I had to choke down tears and K and I both had to be strong for him through all this testing. He has been poked and prodded again in his ears, nose, mouth and has prick marks from them trying to draw blood in both arms, hand, and feet.  He had a bag on to catch his pee….which was NOT fun.  He finally went after several hours.  Urine is normal, white cells are elevated.  He was given a strong shot of antibiotic in his leg, and we are discontinuing the a.moxicillin.  We go back tomorrow for more bloodwork – to make sure we’re wiping this out.  He feels rotten, wants to be held and nurse all the time and not really eat big boy food.  I guess that explains that super rough night in my previous post.  I appreciate everyone’s input on the sleep thing.  It’s tough when you are so exhausted and I’m realizing this is another controversial issue.  But, that being said – I can not and will not ever let my child “cry it out”.  It goes against everything in me.  I respect other parents choices to go that route and can even say I sort of understand why they do it, but it’s not for us.  So, that’s that.  Hoping for a boy who feels better very very soon.  Please keep us in your thoughts.


10 thoughts on “So sick.

  1. Poor Lach. Sending tons of *get well soon* wishes. Sometimes it is just like this. Though I do not yet have little ones of my own I am familiar with “the slleping thing” through my cutie nephews. SIL and bro also decided (after terrible nights and stressed out parents and kids) to install the “family bed” i.e. all family members (including the d.o.g.) are sleeping in one bed . Much less stress for everyone. My eldest nephew wants his own when he turns 6. The other one follows his steps (he was 4 at that time). My SIL said it was the best decison ever. Like you, she just followed her intuition. …

  2. Ouch! Poor guy. That leg shot can be a doozy on his digestion. Lj gets horrendous diaper rash and a yeast infection everytime we are on it. Good luck.

  3. My children are 8 and 5 and we have NEVER, EVER let them “cry it out”. Never. Despite many objections from the people in our lives. Stick to what you know is right, and hang in there mama!

  4. So sorry that Lach is sick. Hope my previous comments weren’t taken the wrong way, by you or other readers. I do wish that parents who don’t choose to nurse at night or co-sleep weren’t vilified. We’re all trying to be good parents.
    That said…I wish you the best.

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