On 10 Weeks, Fireflies and Another Boy

I took the picture above yesterday, while my little man was in a lovely, happy mood.  He is ALL about hide-and-seek and this was taken right after I “found” him through the window in his L.ittle T.ikes playhouse.  He loves to “hide” out in the open….and if you don’t really look where you say you’re looking for him, he will start crying.  He comes out to check and make sure we’re looking and haven’t been distracted by something else.  If he sees we are indeed trying to find him, he will go back “into” his hiding spot (usually just sitting out in the open in a corner or closet).  It’s so cute and it’s so much fun to watch him discovering new things and growing each day.  I’m still just so in love. We’ve had a few great nights too.  He is sleeping in the bed with me and cuddles and only gets up a few times each night.  It’s been so nice.

On pregnancy.  Today is 10 weeks! Just a few more weeks and the 2nd Trimester will be here – woo hoo!! I am beginning to look like a girl with too much belly fat.  I mean, I had it some before – don’t get me wrong – but it was still MOSTLY flat….now I have a definitely baby pouch going on…but it doesn’t really LOOK like a baby pouch….just like I’ve eaten too many doughnuts.  This is the stage I am hoping I get out of as quickly as possible.  It’s weird, because you know you’re pregnant but you don’t QUITE look it yet….I just feel chunky.   Purchased maternity jeans over the weekend in size medium.  They are a bit baggy in the thighs and bum but feel glorious around the waist.  I started this pregnancy 10 lbs lighter than when I started with Lach, so I’m hoping I can keep the weight gain down to just what it NEEDS to be and that the weight will come off post-baby-deux as quickly as it did with him (A gal can hope right?).  I am getting more and more excited about the new babe as I read bits of what is going on inside my belly.  Fingers and toes now – you can count ’em! The tiny baby can do flips and turns now too – how awesome is that??  Baby deux is definitely growing rapidly now…I have officially stopped being able to sleep on my stomach.  Therein lies sadness.

On Fireflies.  I’m really into this song right now.  Just heard it the other day, but I love it already! I may have to check out more of their stuff.

On having another boy…..I took the I.ntelligender test this morning.  It can be taken from 10 weeks+. Pee into a cup.  Suck pee into a syringe.  Push pee back through syringe, through a tiny hole in the top of a test container with crystals in it.  Swirl contents rapidly for 10 seconds.  Wait 10 minutes to see results.  If contents are green = boy.  If orange = girl.  My pee + crystals = a very perfect green matching the colored label.  They say the lab test results show accuracy of 90%.  Real-world results 80%.  Maybe it really is a boy.  I’m feeling girl, but I felt that last time and was so very wrong.  This figures, as we just decided on our GIRL name and adore it.  We shall see come sonogram time….but maybe this test is dead-on.  Have any of you taken it??  Was it accurate for you?


One Tiny Baby

He or she is exactly one inch in length.  We had an appointment with my nurse practitioner yesterday and I asked her if she would do an ultrasound for me….just for my peace of mind.  She was happy to do it for us and we saw a very healthy, tiny little baby, measuring exactly on track at 9w0d.  He or she even kicked its legs a few times for us! I saw the spine, hands, feet, head, eyes (wow!) and tiny beating heart.  There aren’t many things in life that are as unbelievable as seeing that.  This little person moving around inside me …. and so early in the pregnancy! I can’t get over how cool that is.  Sigh of relief to see the beating heart and know that our one tiny baby is doing well.  We will only have one other ultrasound (as long as everything is normal) at around 20 wks to find out the sex of the babe.  We have begun narrowing down the list of baby names….we have more boy names than girl names at this point.  K and I both are thinking it’s a girl and can’t wait to find out……as soon as we have decided on the name I can come up with a nickname.  It feels weird not having one for baby deux….

First appointment with our midwife is in 3 weeks.  It’s definitely sunk in now after seeing him/her yesterday.  My belly is getting bigger (MUST get maternity jeans sooon) and the nausea is in full swing.  We ventured out to the homebirth group last night, for the first time since L was born….so great to see familiar faces and get excited about birth again! Belly shots in the near future….definitely with my top ON now, as the stretch marks kicked my butt last pregnancy.  Got photos of the babe from yesterday, but he/she looks more like a blob….my NP didn’t zoom in the photos.  We’ll see if I can post a decent one in the next day or so.  Our sweet Lachlan is teething for real this time….we think he’ll get a bunch at one time….the poor thing is miserable and sleep is nowhere to be found at night.  Trying everything under the sun to make him feel better and have the energy to get through the days (at least the sick has left him!).  K is tired at work, I’m tired taking care of the little man who never stops! The tiny baby is wearing me out too.  Building a baby is hard work!! That’s all for now…

And Now They All Know

We told K’s mom over the weekend, and her dad this morning.  We are now announcing it to friends, f.acebook, the world…..tomorrow is 8 weeks pregnant! I’m getting sick every night….so hoping that is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy! This photo REALLY makes it REAL!!!!!  My belly is already expanding….much faster than pregnancy #1!  Maternity jeans will need to be purchased in the next 2 weeks or so….

My little man is feeling SO much better now – thankfully! Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts.  He was not responding to the antibiotics for STREP.  Our pedi had to put him on something much stronger, that seems to have done the trick now.  We are still waiting on blood results to see if he had bacteria in his blood.  If he DID, we have to return for further bloodwork….but I’m thinking they’ll come back negative.  I have been pushing the probiotics and yogurt and that with lots of cuddles seem to be helping a lot.   The past 2 days, Lachlan hasn’t asked for milk in the afternoon – he normally nurses for his nap (10:30 or so), then at 3:30 in the afternoon, then to sleep at night (7:30 or so).  Maybe he is dropping the afternoon one for good?? Should I TRY to replace that feeding with whole milk??? Warm or cold?

So sick.

Another quick update.  Lachlan has strep and some-other-bacteria-thing going on.  He’s been on antibiotics for 5 days, with a high fever for 8 whole days.  We just returned from the pedi, after being there for four…..I repeat….FOUR hours.  I had to choke down tears and K and I both had to be strong for him through all this testing. He has been poked and prodded again in his ears, nose, mouth and has prick marks from them trying to draw blood in both arms, hand, and feet.  He had a bag on to catch his pee….which was NOT fun.  He finally went after several hours.  Urine is normal, white cells are elevated.  He was given a strong shot of antibiotic in his leg, and we are discontinuing the a.moxicillin.  We go back tomorrow for more bloodwork – to make sure we’re wiping this out.  He feels rotten, wants to be held and nurse all the time and not really eat big boy food.  I guess that explains that super rough night in my previous post.  I appreciate everyone’s input on the sleep thing.  It’s tough when you are so exhausted and I’m realizing this is another controversial issue.  But, that being said – I can not and will not ever let my child “cry it out”.  It goes against everything in me.  I respect other parents choices to go that route and can even say I sort of understand why they do it, but it’s not for us.  So, that’s that.  Hoping for a boy who feels better very very soon.  Please keep us in your thoughts.