A quick update from the land of exhaustion.  It seems we have a teething toddler again and this time it’s a doozy.  Last night went as follows: Bedtime at 7:30, awake and crying at 8:15.  Nurse for 10 minutes, back to sleep until 9:00.  Wake up at 9:00 screaming.  Comes into our bed and nurses until 9:15.  Back in his bed until 11.  Starts crying and sits up in his bed.  Then stands up and cries.  Comes back in bed and nurses on and off until 12:45….still semi-crying.  Starting to feel feverish, we decide to just get up…none of us really sleeping.  Temperature is 101.  Gave L a dose of M.otrin and we watch FROSTY on repeat until 1:45am.  He gets out the hairdryer and wants to play.   I am sooooo tired my eyelids are burning.  Finally get him back to bed at 2-something, and he sleeps till about 4, nurses then goes back to bed until 6:15, when he promptly gets up for the day.  Time for his morning nap around 10 and he does the same routine….eventually nursing for 45 minutes straight ( and I feel like my boobs are pancakes now.  He ends up sleeping for a total of 15 minutes, and I am so bummed I didn’t get a chance to rest just a little.  My body feels like it’s running in slow motion and my brain is foggy.  I finally got him down for an afternoon nap (which he NEVER takes anymore) which is both good and bad.  Good, because now he will be rested…..Bad, because he won’t think he needs to go to bed until 10pm.  Why is teething so hard?  Oh, and at just shy of 6 weeks preggo, the nausea fairy has come to visit.  A little early aren’t ya????


11 thoughts on “Brief

  1. It is TIME, ladies. It is time to teach that child to sleep. Yes, it will be painful for all for a week or so. But you’re already not sleeping, so you might as well be productive. Soon enough he will not be the center of your world and it will be much easier on everyone if he doesn’t need to be on the breast and in the bed all the time.

  2. So sorry you are having a rough time! Teething IS hard. But, I am with EG on this…as long as you are not sleeping, it might be a good time to really teach Lach to sleep on his own. Your family will be happier when everyone is well-rested!

  3. Hi there. I’ve been reading you for awhile now and I have a boy who is just a week younger than your little man. He also nurses to sleep and through the night (teething or not). Both my partner and I do not want sleep to be a scary experience which we feel is what happens with some sleep training techniques (ie. c.i.o). But I have been exhausted by all the night nursing so now my partner takes him into an easy chair around midnight and allows our son to sleep on his chest. Well, the first night he did this Ben slept for 6 hours in a row. He stirred a few times (as he was coming out of a sleep cycle), but went back to sleep. Now my husband is tired, but I’m sleeping for more than 2 hours in a row. Ben’s starting to sleep longer now even though he’s next to me. I guess he learned to fall back asleep between sleep cycles and all without any crying. I say all this because everyone always says you have to sleep train babies, but babies will learn to sleep on their own eventually and pushing them into it may not be right for you and your family. Even though you don’t know me, I support your choice to nurse all night and then “complain”;).

  4. I’m sticking my neck out here to respectfully disagree with the last comment. I do feel that every family needs to make their own decisions about sleep, eating, playtime, etc., and as long as a family is happy and comfortable, their choices are their own. However, when you are exhausted and uncomfortable, and so is your little man, teaching him to sleep on his own will be invaluable! Many people will disagree with me on this, but I believe that letting a baby cry (while checking on him, soothing him in his crib, etc) to teach him that he *can* go to sleep on his own, is not teaching him that sleep is scary. Will it be a hard week? Yes, it will. Did I enjoy listening to my son cry when I had to put my foot down and not nurse him at night anymore? Of course not, it was really hard. But it only took a few nights, and now he sleeps all night every night, and he seems really, really happy because of it.
    IMHO, it’s like pulling off a bandaid. It can be slow and torturous and maybe take years, or it can be quick, painful for a moment, and then finished.
    You are a wonderful mom. All of your readers see that! But, if you are asking for help to make you and your son rest easy, that’s my 2 cents.

  5. Hi ya-
    Um- I extended nursed my daughter until I was 3 months preggop (my daughetr was 2-1/2 by then). The thing I dont see (maybe I over looked it) mentioned here is that perhaps Lach has something more than just teething going on? Sinus issues will mimic teething and include fever, but moreover I know mine has issues for a few hours every once in a while ESPECIALLY when I was newly preggo. It is indeed true the milk consistency can change in TASTE and other way- he may be noticing the pregnant change in breats milk. Just a thought- and good luck! Boobies ROCK! 🙂

  6. Jeez – you are having a tough time and people take the opportunity to lecture you! I have read your most recent post and I think it demonstrates exactly why leaving a child to cry could never be a good thing – poor Lach was sick and feeling awful and the LAST thing he would have needed is to be left alone to suffer! You only have my sympathy and I hope you are all feeling much better and rested soon. Get well (and boo to pregnancy nausea).

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