Still In Shock

Thanks EVERYONE for the outpouring of congrats, love and well wishes!! You guys are awesome.  It’s been a few days, and the reality is just starting to sink in, although – to be honest – I’m still in shock.  K and I feel so lucky and grateful that this happened the first try.  We can’t believe it.  It seems too good to be true, seriously.  She and I both feel that this must have been meant to happen, exactly when it did and how it did, and there can be no other explanation for it.  I hadn’t been ovulating for months, and then this cycle, I did…very early on Dec.29th – Lach’s 1st birthday! That is when conception happened! Lach was also conceived on the 29th day of the month – March 2008. We inseminated this time 2 days before ovulation (hmmm…will it be a girl?) with only ONE insem.  It was more stressful with trying to keep the toddler entertained, and I didn’t keep my legs up for nearly as long as before- yet, it happened.  The TWW was long, and around day 9 of the wait, I realized that I was okay with whatever happened.  Truly.  It would happen when it was supposed to.  But, that didn’t mean that not testing was easy! I finally caved.  10DPO and nothing.  Okay.  So I didn’t test at all on 11DPO and on the morning of 12DPO, my temperature went up again.  I thought I’d test again, just to be sure.  I used a dollar store test, and waited 5 minutes before looking.  There was a line so so so faint, it almost could be in my head.  I wondered if it was.  I twisted and turned the test in the light and started thinking that something was there.  I called K up to look – who had told me the day before that I most surely was NOT pregnant….after all, I didn’t have any breast tenderness – which was the #1 early pregnancy symptom – and one that I had EARLY ON with pregnancy #1.  I had felt no different during the TWW, except I was bloated for SEVERAL days.  She came upstairs and I told her that I thought I saw a faint faint faint line.  “Do you see it? Do you see it? Hold it like THIS (up to the light).”  She stared at it for a minute, and then said, “Yeah, I definitely see something.”  It was so light though, that maybe it was an evap line….I mean, by 12DPO, you should be able to SEE it, right?” She told me that we shouldn’t read into it, and just test the next day.  I threw away my pee from in the cup, then realized we had a digital test!  Ahhh! I had zero pee left in me….so the next 3-4 hour wait was agonizing….but when I peed on the digital, it came up almost right away.  Holy. Crap.  K gave me a huge hug and we just stood in the bathroom, not believing it – but at same time -knowing full well what the test had said.  I have called our MW, who was elated and immediately entered motherly-caretaker role and began asking me questions.  “Are you taking your prenatal?” Yes.  “Are you making SURE you’re getting enough folic acid?” Yes.  “Did you call B (NP) and set up an appointment to see her, because they are 3-4 weeks out and you have to tell them you’re a returning patient because they aren’t accepting new patients…..” She made sure I had everything down that I needed to do in the next few days.  I told her K and I were so looking forward to seeing her again.  Appointment is made for 9 1/2 weeks.  Our NP is just awesome and I’m hoping she’ll do an early ultrasound so I can see a tiny heartbeat flickering away.  Hoping hoping hoping.  This part of the pregnancy is hard – the waiting to know everything is OK.  All I can do is hope and pray and be thankful, thankful that this little one chose us!  We have told a select few people.  Waiting until after 10 weeks to tell family and friends.  I think we’re going to print Lach a shirt that says “I’m a big brother!” and just see how long it takes family to notice! Our autumn baby is due September 21st and we can’t wait!! Now, if in the next few months I could just figure out how to get Lachlan to sleep through the night, in his own crib (not our bed), not nurse to sleep at night OR through the night.  Piece of cake, right?


16 thoughts on “Still In Shock

  1. What a great coincidence about the dates! It definitely seems like it was meant to be and that there’s a high likelihood you have a little girl on the way. Enjoy these early days of pregnancy as much as possible!

  2. YAY! I hope (Selfishly) that your babe will be a week late and will be born on my birthday (the 28th).

    As far as the sleeping through the night thing, this article helped us –

    Also I just read recently that it’s better to put babies to bed awake because they are aware of their surroundings. If you put them to bed asleep and then they wake up in their, they have no idea how they got there and it freaks them out.

  3. T and K – I am still so excited and jealous!!

    We’re moving closer to being ready for TTC mostly because we have a plan to nightwean S in the next few months.

    We’re going to use the method Jay Gordon suggests in ‘Good Nights’ – I see Jessie has also suggested Jay Gordon to you. His night weaning method is meant for co-sleeping babes but could work for crib sleepers I think – though it might be hard for you. Would you consider putting L on a mattress next to your bed. S sleeps on a mattress next to us – it’s our first step to nightweaning and it’s helped A LOT. He’s currently only waking twice a night (down from up to 12 times!). Sometimes I fall asleep on the mattress with him which is fine, as long as I’m sleeping, I don’t really care where it is! He comes in with us sometime between 5 and 7 so we still get snuggles which is essential for us! Of course, he’s just cut his 1yo molars so is probably more comfortable and thus able to sleep better. I know L is a slow teether so that’s always gonna be tricky for sleep.

    You’ll work out the best way for you and it will happen! It has to, right??!!?

    Anyway – just thought I’d throw those ideas out there.

  4. Congrats again!

    In my experience the pregnancy hormones and your desperate need for sleep (through the night and a nap during the day) will solve Lach’s sleeping and nursing to sleep. By 5 wks pregnant I was bound and determined to night wean (Dr. Jay Gordon method), and that was the beginning of the end. It took three nights, by the fourth night I put him in his room. Within two more weeks he was STTN. Two weeks later he stopped asking for milk all together. Your milk will change or diminish and Lach will respond to that. Most babies don’t like the way it tastes or get frustrated with the diminished supply.

    E’s self weaning was a welcome break to me. And STTN has been huge!! I forget what it’s like now, to be woke up all night like and savor every night, knowing soon the new babe will keep me up again!

  5. so so so happy for you — and totally intrigued by everyone talking about co-sleeping babes, because that’s what I have, and we have lately been exhausted from the all-night milk bar…

  6. It was around Christmas when we told people about expecting #2. For immediate family I made a picture of #1 wearing a “Big Brother” shirt our Christmas card. It’s fun to be able to involve the older kid in that part of the excitement!

  7. Awww, I am just back from my nightshift and 1st must- do thing is checking your blog . My dear, you brought me to tears! So, so sweet. Purely amazing! ITA, this is meant to be! Sending hugs and lots of “sandmännchens” to get the big bro`some sleep 🙂

  8. Holy crap!!! I wish I had been over here sooner! Big fat congrats!!! Get ready Lach, your about to become a big brother.

    Congrats, congrats, congrats!

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