One Whole Year

One year ago today, at this very minute, I was exactly one hour from giving birth to our son.  One whole year has passed…’s hard to believe it has been that long.  I look at my little man and don’t see much resemblance to the baby I met on that day.  He is a walking, semi-talking ball of energy.  Favourite things right now: anything with wheels, dancing (especially beastie boys) and playing hide and seek. He changes every day, and our love just grows and grows.  Happy birthday my sweet boy – I love you oh so much and am so lucky to be your Mommy!!!!! Ps. Ice cream and cake for you tonight!! Don’t overdo it okay?

PPS. Password protected post coming up… me at: if you’d like it.


15 thoughts on “One Whole Year

  1. happy birthday lach-man! 🙂

    i can’t believe it’s been a year!

    tiff-i just got caught back up on the blog….LOVE all the christmas pics! precious! miss you guys! come visit soon!

  2. Happy Birthday little monster. To think that your mama and I were sitting, competitively, impatiently a little over a year ago for the safe arrival of you and Squeak. Where has that year gone? Congrats girls. You made it through possibly the most intense year of your lives and your boy is THRIVING! xxoo

    PS…I won!

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