2 things are making me realize that TTC#2 may be a little delayed.  One: I’m not ovulating.  Today is CD 24 and I have been excellent about temping, charting and POAS.  I have peed on so many of them, and all I see is WHITE.  It’s a little depressing.   I’m guessing that I haven’t ovulated at all since the cycle we conceived Lach.  Hmph.  I suppose I just continue doing what I’m doing and see when my body is ready to do all this again? Maybe it’s because he still nurses at night?  Two:  KD had HIV and STD testing done 2 weeks ago.  All results are excellent, so we should be ready to move on to inseminations – however – KD seemed to have gotten bitten by some kid he got in a fight with (seems KD stepped up to protect a girl from getting beaten up by her drunken ex, and the ass bit him).  It is by far the nastiest bite I have seen – all infected and awful looking…..and this is 5 days after the actual incident occurred.  KD insists on getting re-tested.  So, now that has to be scheduled and then we must wait for results.  Things often don’t go according to plan, and we are trying to just be calm about it all.  I think K really has her heart set on having the kids close in age too (like I always have)….and I am disappointed that my body isn’t cooperating.  That being said, I look at this little boy of mine and realize just how lucky we are.  Blessed.  And I think of all the TTCers still on this hard road.  My Christmas wish for you all is that you will be holding a child in your arms soon.


10 thoughts on “Hmph.

  1. It will happen exactly when it is supposed to:)

    breastfeeding can inhibit ovulation. I know some (straight women) who fall back on bfing as birth control. I guess that could be part of why you haven’t ovulated????

  2. Oh, sweetie, it’s so hard when your body won’t cooperate, but it does sound like breastfeeding at night may very well be keeping you from ovulating. I hope your body responds to your wishes soon.

    I can’t believe how grown up Lachlan looks. He’s such a gorgeous little boy.

  3. Your KD is great- I admire him for putting himelf in harm’s way AND for insisting on being tested again post-bite. Not to mention that he’s a donor… gotta love donors! Lach will be a terriic big brother some day, and I’m sure the delays will dissipate soon.

    Happy holidays!

  4. I completely understand what you are feeling right now. We are ready to start trying for #2 also but I haven’t even had one period since Miller was conceived. My acupuncturist and RE want me to have 2 or 3 cycles before we do our first IUI. I wanted to start in January but it looks like it will be a while. Oh, and Miller is barely breastfeeding anymore. The one time I want my cycle to come and it just won’t. So, I am right there with you. Argh….

  5. Ouch, but… I am a former HIV health educator, and unless the biter was bleeding, your KD has no risk of getting any sort of STD from just saliva. There is a super slim chance of passing Herpes 2– a cold sore, but again– slim…

    However, I hope he may have punched the biter in the face first, and therefore, there may have been some blood. Yet, it will take 6 weeks to 6 months for anything to show up in his system, but seriously, there are no cases of anything from biting. I’m sure he’s fine. But it’s great he’s that diligent!

  6. I have heard nursing can definitely delay things…so that may possibly be the issue. I guess you may have to weigh the pros and cons of that. I hope you can try very soon!!!

  7. Hi Tiffany,

    ita with the ladies above. As far as I know your midwife should know about breastfeeeing and ttc. But in the pure biological aspect (when we all were cavewomen and times were rough ;-)) imho it makes perfect sense. While feeding the first one your body may think that there might be not enough for number two and avoids to get pregnant again. I am very sure that you will conceive your second child. And thank you so much for your kind wishes! It means a lot to me and gives me the energy to continue my journey towards pregnancy and motherhood 🙂 . Happy christmas! Whew!! First christmas with child…

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