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One Whole Year

One year ago today, at this very minute, I was exactly one hour from giving birth to our son.  One whole year has passed…’s hard to believe it has been that long.  I look at my little man and don’t see much resemblance to the baby I met on that day.  He is a walking, semi-talking ball of energy.  Favourite things right now: anything with wheels, dancing (especially beastie boys) and playing hide and seek. He changes every day, and our love just grows and grows.  Happy birthday my sweet boy – I love you oh so much and am so lucky to be your Mommy!!!!! Ps. Ice cream and cake for you tonight!! Don’t overdo it okay?

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2 things are making me realize that TTC#2 may be a little delayed.  One: I’m not ovulating.  Today is CD 24 and I have been excellent about temping, charting and POAS.  I have peed on so many of them, and all I see is WHITE.  It’s a little depressing.   I’m guessing that I haven’t ovulated at all since the cycle we conceived Lach.  Hmph.  I suppose I just continue doing what I’m doing and see when my body is ready to do all this again? Maybe it’s because he still nurses at night?  Two:  KD had HIV and STD testing done 2 weeks ago.  All results are excellent, so we should be ready to move on to inseminations – however – KD seemed to have gotten bitten by some kid he got in a fight with (seems KD stepped up to protect a girl from getting beaten up by her drunken ex, and the ass bit him).  It is by far the nastiest bite I have seen – all infected and awful looking…..and this is 5 days after the actual incident occurred.  KD insists on getting re-tested.  So, now that has to be scheduled and then we must wait for results.  Things often don’t go according to plan, and we are trying to just be calm about it all.  I think K really has her heart set on having the kids close in age too (like I always have)….and I am disappointed that my body isn’t cooperating.  That being said, I look at this little boy of mine and realize just how lucky we are.  Blessed.  And I think of all the TTCers still on this hard road.  My Christmas wish for you all is that you will be holding a child in your arms soon.

I Suppose It All Started With The Snow

How has it been this long since I’ve blogged? Many apologies friends! Bullets to update you, and promises for lengthier posts to come!!

  • No internet at our place right now – PLUS – Lach dropped my cell in the toilet….so no F.acebook updates or quick blog posts via that.
  • Lachlan turned 11 months old a few days ago and is walking more and more every day.  He stands up and walks all by himself – sometimes across the whole room, and then falls on his knees.  He is fearless and getting much steadier on his little feet.
  • We have a tooth! Have I told you guys this yet??? Well, it’s 1/2 way through the gums….and it is SHARP! It seems the the little sucker cut me by mistake (not intentionally biting me) and I ended up with a bleedy mess of a nipple.  Sorry for the mental picture.  But, no worries, L.anolin saved the day.
  • Lach has never been too interested in TV.  That was, of course, before we turned on F.rosty T.he S.nowman (circa 1969).  He adores it and stands way too close in front of the TV dancing away.  It just may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  It is only 25 minutes in length, and we watched it a whole 52 times over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I go to bed with “Voila, the eggs have turned into… messy, messy, messy!” playing on repeat in my head.
  • Stockings are out and the Christmas tree is UP! We went with a pre-lit (did I mention how I much I love NOT stringing the lights myself?) 9 ft tree. It’s beautiful, and looks so nice with all the decorations on it.  I’m really getting excited for the holidays.  Remember last year? I certainly thought we’d have our boy for Christmas Day.  All those cute little “baby’s 1st christmas” outfits gone to waste.  I was so disappointed.  You can’t exactly find those in 12-18 mos sizes.  I can’t wait to celebrate this year!
  • Donor talk.  We hadn’t talked to our KD about baby #2 at all since we originally were starting this whole process to conceive Lach.  KD knew we wanted another at some point in the future, but didn’t know the time frame. Well, last week after chit-chat, I said….”So….I wanted to talk to you about BABY NO. 2″….He looked all surprised and said, “REALLY?”. After a brief talk he said he’s game! (provided I ovulate again of course)! We are getting him re-tested for HIV, stds, later THIS week! Provided all good results come back in time – we’re TTC baby #2 in a week or two!  Let the temping, charting, poas, tww’s and general craziness begin!
  • Send your labour vibes to Lynn over at Family Style Love. She is expecting baby #2 any minute now.  Hoping she has another incredible homebirth!