The g Experience


A few things…..

  • We got Lachlan a retro stove/oven from p.ottery b.arn kids.  Call it an early birthday present.  He loves it! We went into the store over the weekend (ps. How cute is their stuff?? First time I’d been in there….) and he played with it almost the entire time we were in there.  He is fascinated by turning all the knobs and opening and closing the doors.
  • We thought we’d give g.d.iapers a try.  I still adore 7th Gen, but secretly have been wanting to try these out since Lach was born.  He’s wearing a medium cover with the flushable M/L inserts.  I haven’t made the switch to cloth inserts yet….but I think it may not be too far off.  At the least, maybe I’ll just try it out.  So far I’m finding the g’s to be a bit of a PITA….but they do make for awfully cute bums, don’t they?
  • We aren’t getting the house.  I have mixed emotions about it, as I absolutely adored the place.  But, ultimately we have decided that the moisture issues and repairs were going to be too much.  At least 40,000.  Yeah.  That’s a lot of dough….so, we have made the choice to stay where we are.  We do love our condo, and most of all are in the best elementary school district in the city.  It’s the school we really want Lach to go to….so, we feel good about staying put.
  • Lach has been signing “more” for maybe 2 months now, but in the last month can now sign “car”.  It’s so cute.  He also can say “Mama” and a has quite the babbling vocabulary.
  • He is standing without holding on to anything for support.  This is big, because most of the time he HAS to balance himself on my leg, a table, chair, etc etc.  Lately he’s just been standing there for awhile without holding on to a single thing.  I think he’s going to get walking soon, but I’m not rushing it.  I still love his cute crawl (he keeps his right leg tucked up).
  • He’s really getting into yogurt. New favourite: banana!
  • His love of E.lmo and C.ookie M.onster has turned into fear.  Just in the last week.  He cries because he wants us to turn them on for him, and then once they start talking, he’s a bawling mess of tears.  We’ve been hiding Elmo in closet sometimes.  This too shall pass, right?? He can’t be scared of them forever.
  • I nursed in public this weekend (P.ottery B.arn kids).  No b.oppy.  It was a big deal for me as I NEVER do this.  I always go out to the car to feed him.  He’s just so wriggly doesn’t like to be covered by a blanket or anything.  But, he was hungry, and I did it.  It felt pretty good.  I even had a very pregnant lady come up to me in the store (she was due in 3 days with her 3rd) and say “good for you!”.  Like I said, big deal for me.  Maybe not for some other women, but it was for me.
  • We’re starting to think more about his birthday next month.  At this point we are talking a small party (family and close friends).  What have you guys done for your LO’s 1st bday? If you are preggo or TTC, what are your party thoughts/ideas?
  • Thinking of the BIG birthday next month is a little crazy.  How could my little baby be turning ONE????



7 thoughts on “The g Experience

  1. I’d say a small family thing, close friends and family. Whatever he’s into food wise, go that route, don’t force cake down his throat if he doesn’t like it. Maybe get him some neat things FOR the stove?

    Oh and about the cake, start giving him little samples of appropriate cake yummy (or pie, whatever team you’re on) so he can sort of pick what he wants. Mmm. Cake. Now I’m hungry.

  2. Cheers to you for trying the g’s! I realized that, after Harris became a wiggly baby, the g’s ended up beinga PITA to me too. If you are even playing with the idea of trying cloth in the g’s, then might I suggest to you that you let go of the g idea, go on to ebay, search “coolababy diaper” and pick up some of those. They are very inexpensive pocket diapers that I have grown quite fond of!!! They are all Harris has worn for a LONG TIME. Have questions about them? Give me a holler!

  3. 1-yay for teaching him to sign
    2-i have not read your blog in forever…i’m glad I finally caught up!
    3-I miss you guys! are you ever coming to Florida?

  4. Love the G’s and the stove! 🙂 I agree, small family/friend thing. We agreed over here too that we’ll do a homemade cake each year, make it kind of a special thing. Then I can also control what goes into it since we’re doing all organic with Ad. I cant believe he’s about to be a year!? Where did it go? 😦

  5. We never tried G’s but we used a diaper service (that delivered pre-folds) and cloth diaper covers. Loved it! For Teo’s 1st birthday, we had a small gathering of friends/family. He was freaked out by the cake at first (having never had any), but he quickly grew to like the sweetness. 🙂

  6. I’ve done homemade “cakes” for all my 1 year olds. . .pumpkin or banana and they loved them!

    Love the stove.

    I did g’s with ruby for a little bit. . . didn’t love how they would get all bunched up.

    Check out my blog for some pic’s of your shirts. Finally got around to our photos with them. Got so many positive comments about them! Thanks again!

  7. Those G’s are just way too cute. We got Ausi a kitchen too and he loves it. It was a fisher price one, but same concept.

    I love him in that hat, he is stylin!

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