Guess who starting WALKING yesterday!?


The g Experience


A few things…..

  • We got Lachlan a retro stove/oven from p.ottery b.arn kids.  Call it an early birthday present.  He loves it! We went into the store over the weekend (ps. How cute is their stuff?? First time I’d been in there….) and he played with it almost the entire time we were in there.  He is fascinated by turning all the knobs and opening and closing the doors.
  • We thought we’d give g.d.iapers a try.  I still adore 7th Gen, but secretly have been wanting to try these out since Lach was born.  He’s wearing a medium cover with the flushable M/L inserts.  I haven’t made the switch to cloth inserts yet….but I think it may not be too far off.  At the least, maybe I’ll just try it out.  So far I’m finding the g’s to be a bit of a PITA….but they do make for awfully cute bums, don’t they?
  • We aren’t getting the house.  I have mixed emotions about it, as I absolutely adored the place.  But, ultimately we have decided that the moisture issues and repairs were going to be too much.  At least 40,000.  Yeah.  That’s a lot of dough….so, we have made the choice to stay where we are.  We do love our condo, and most of all are in the best elementary school district in the city.  It’s the school we really want Lach to go to….so, we feel good about staying put.
  • Lach has been signing “more” for maybe 2 months now, but in the last month can now sign “car”.  It’s so cute.  He also can say “Mama” and a has quite the babbling vocabulary.
  • He is standing without holding on to anything for support.  This is big, because most of the time he HAS to balance himself on my leg, a table, chair, etc etc.  Lately he’s just been standing there for awhile without holding on to a single thing.  I think he’s going to get walking soon, but I’m not rushing it.  I still love his cute crawl (he keeps his right leg tucked up).
  • He’s really getting into yogurt. New favourite: banana!
  • His love of E.lmo and C.ookie M.onster has turned into fear.  Just in the last week.  He cries because he wants us to turn them on for him, and then once they start talking, he’s a bawling mess of tears.  We’ve been hiding Elmo in closet sometimes.  This too shall pass, right?? He can’t be scared of them forever.
  • I nursed in public this weekend (P.ottery B.arn kids).  No b.oppy.  It was a big deal for me as I NEVER do this.  I always go out to the car to feed him.  He’s just so wriggly doesn’t like to be covered by a blanket or anything.  But, he was hungry, and I did it.  It felt pretty good.  I even had a very pregnant lady come up to me in the store (she was due in 3 days with her 3rd) and say “good for you!”.  Like I said, big deal for me.  Maybe not for some other women, but it was for me.
  • We’re starting to think more about his birthday next month.  At this point we are talking a small party (family and close friends).  What have you guys done for your LO’s 1st bday? If you are preggo or TTC, what are your party thoughts/ideas?
  • Thinking of the BIG birthday next month is a little crazy.  How could my little baby be turning ONE????


Feeling Jolly?


The personalized name onesie’s we did back in May (can be seen here) have been a huge hit. I still get email orders for them and bloggers have posted here at The C of C and emailed me requesting other personalized name designs.  This month we are offering personalized names (see LACHLAN above – custom 2-color screenprinted design, no transfers!) on the garment of your choosing (lap short sleeve onesie, long sleeve onesie with shoulder snaps, infant short sleeve t-shirt, infant long sleeve t-shirt, toddler short sleeve t-shirt, toddler long sleeve t-shirt, youth and adult t-shirts).  The red and green design is Christmas lights wrapped around the name of your choice on a white garment.  I know for us, we can never find cute stuff with Lach’s name on it.  And definitely not Xmas stuff!! I’m very excited about this design! Now you can customize the garment you’d like with your child’s name! These make adorable gifts and a pretty cool keepsake. These will be available through the END OF NOVEMBER.  Don’t miss out! Info on ordering can be found below.  Feel free to email me with questions! LGRAEAPPAREL@HOTMAIL.COM

Sizes available for  LAP SHORT SLEEVE ONESIES:  6m, 12m, 18m, 24m

Sizes available for LONG SLEEVE ONESIE with SHOULDER SNAPS: 6m, 12m, 18m, 24m

Sizes available for SHORT SLEEVE INFANT TEE:  6m, 12m, 18m, 24m

Sizes available for LONG SLEEVE INFANT TEE: 6m, 12m, 18m, 24m

Sizes available for SHORT SLEEVE TODDLER TEE:  2T, 3T, 4T

Sizes available for LONG SLEEVE TODDLER TEE:  2T, 3T, 4T

Please email me if you are interested in YOUTH or ADULT T-SHIRTS OR LONG SLEEVE TEES.

Each item will be $25.00 with FREE SHIPPING (via UPS) within the US.  If you have a business address, that helps us out.  If not, we can still ship to residential addresses. If you are international, please email me to discuss shipping.

* Please email me at: if you are interested and would like to place an order.
* Include the following information: your name, the item and size you’d like, and the address you’d like the item to be shipped to. Please let me know if the shipping address is residential or a business addressPlease make sure the name is spelled correctly. I will email you back with the address to send payment to (check only), or you can choose to pay through P.ayPal.  Please add $2 onto the cost if paying through PayPal.
* Once payment is received, you can expect to receive your product within 2 weeks via UPS.  I send an email out to let you know I have received your payment, as well as one when your item has shipped.


Still Alive


I haven’t been meaning to neglect the blog so much lately, we’ve just been so busy it’s been hard to breathe.  Bullets!

  • Lach turned 10 months old a few days ago – still no teeth, and still not sleeping through the night.  He’s trying to walk on his own, still not there yet though.  He really is starting to enjoy walking with his walker though.
  • Operation protein power is still in place.  Some days are better than others.  I’m trying to just relax about it and follow his signals.  Nursing every 4 hours during the day……much more frequently through the night.
  • I’m not ovulating.  I’ve charted 2 cycles recently, and POAS, never getting the line even close to being dark enough.  I’m reading this as my body needs a bit more time before trying for baby #2.  Still going to chart, still will POAS next cycle just to see.  Temping is just so darn hard when you’re up so many times in the night.  My charts look nothing like they did pre-Lachlan.  Again, trying to relax and know that this also will happen when it is MEANT to happen.  Will come back to it next month to re-evaluate.
  • The reason for the lack of blogging: We’ve been house-hunting.  You remember we have been doing this for quite some time, right?? We found a place last year we really liked, but weren’t jazzed about the neighborhood.  Well, we found a superb home last weekend and we put an offer on it.  They countered and we accepted!  Inspection is Thursday morning. The house is beautiful! 3 bedroom, 2 bath, built in 1923.  So much character and charm.  It even has a bamboo forest in the back yard! (Seriously!) It needs some work though – so we’re just trying to put a dollar figure on that.  We want to put a new kitchen in, and replace the upstairs bath. New roof too. We’re crossing our fingers that the inspection doesn’t come back with too much $$$ in work to be done.  Did I mention we are just in love with it?? I can see it as our forever home.  Trying not to get too excited in case the inspection comes back with bad news.  Sigh…we’d be crushed.  Photos and more to come if it all works out.
  • Working on the next LONG SLEEVE ONESIE OF THE MONTH.  Christmas-themed and personalized with your babe’s name.  Posting in the next few days.  I want to ship them all out mid to late November through UPS, so I can guarantee your wee one’s can wear them for a while before the holidays.  More to come on that though – so check back – and tell your friends.  They will make oh-so-cute pre-Xmas gifts too.
  • Some recent photos: