Protein Power


Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, re: pediatrician, protein, my frustration, etc.  It was great to hear from you guys – regulars and lurkers.  I appreciated all of your input and am definitely taking your advice! You guys are good to have around! Operation PROTEIN POWER is now in place.  We have successfully gotten our little man to eat (and love) fried egg yolk.  Hurray!!! *Thoughts on egg whites before age 1? No history of allergies in the fam….but we were delaying to be on the safe side….* He has also eaten (plain) WHOLE FAT y.obaby yogurt 2 days in a row.  Last night, before bed, he ate (almost) the entire container of yogurt.  4g of protein, thank you very much.  Who cares that I had to *pretend* that it was “medicine” (it is white, and looks on awful lot like crushed up teething tablets). Goal for the upcoming days: tofu and hummus.  I’ll let you guys know how it goes.  Another random thing….I weighed our boy on the scale at work yesterday (which is very accurate) and he weighed in at 19lbs 4oz.  Maybe their scale was off?? He was wriggling around quite a bit, but the nurse didn’t seem to think that mattered. Hmmmm. I think it might.

2 more things.  One: AF returned a few days ago.  CD5 today and OPK’s are in the near future.  I’m itching to find out if I will ovulate this month.  Temping is still proving to be a difficult task.  Lach had been having some good nights…..but the last two he hasn’t gone to sleep easily and is up BRIGHT (ugh!) and EARLY (more ugh!).  Still, I think it’s teeth (where are they??).  Two, haven’t forgotten about onesies and whatnot.  Just had an extremely busy month last month and wasn’t able to post or take orders.  Now that the cool weather is finally here (I’m so happy!) I’m thinking of switching to long-sleeve tees.  Doesn’t have the same ring though.  “The Long Sleeve Tee Of The Month”.  Still.  Much more practical.  Again, thoughts welcome.

A few photos:

shhh mommy!!


the force is strong with this one:


giving me the middle finger (i’m sure he didn’t mean it….):



7 thoughts on “Protein Power

  1. Long sleeved onsies would be great. Has Lach worn any of your creations? I’d love to see pictures on a “live model”. He’s so adorable!

    Glad you are finding success getting more protein into Lach. And I def think different scales make a difference.

  2. I’ve been following your blog since you were TTC-ing, and my daughter was born a few days before Lachlan. Anyway, have you thought about mashing up canellini beans or any other bland bean and then mixing it with a veggie that he likes, like sweet potatoes? Also, I think it’s good to remember that CDC growth charts may not be entirely accurate for breastfed babies, particularly those that are breastfed longer than average.

  3. Ohh fried egg yolk how I love thee…

    Also, the middle finger thing is awesome. I love how little ones tend to point and touch with their middle fingers before they start really using their others. I wonder why?

  4. Loooooovvvvvve the t-shirt!!! 🙂 So, I’m assuming the temp tracking means you gals are trying again? We’re starting too. First insem will be sometime this week. If we end up with two children in the same age range, we’re going to have to pack up and move to VA, LOL. Finally blogged, and hope to stick around this time. Glad to hear that all is well, and dont worry, the teeth will come lol 😉 Love to you all xxxoooo

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