Hello, October.


Hello, October! One of my favourite months! Surely the cool weather is coming….right?? We took Lachlan to the pumpkin patch yesterday with our parenting group – he loved it! We went on a hayride (he was SO excited to see the BIG wheels on the tractor) and then stopped to pick pumpkins.  This was Lach’s second time putting his bare feet on grass – seriously.  Since we live in a condo, and he comes into work with us every day, he doesn’t really get exposed to much grass.  I have tried once before to put him down on it (at the park) and see if he will crawl around.  No such luck.  He makes the craziest faces, and acts like the grass is hurting him (did I mention I put him on the softest patch of greenery?).  Well, at the pumpkin patch, we decided the boy has to start getting used to the stuff.  The pumpkins were an excellent distraction from the prickliness of the grass and straw.  He completely forgot that his feet were not on carpet, and sat there banging away on the pumpkins.  He ended up picking out a very cute baby pumpkin that has become the new teething toy! We decided to wait on picking out one of the big pumpkins, as we are going to a beagle event: BYOP & P party (Bring Your Own Pumpkin & Pups….. nerdy, I know) and want to wait on getting that one.

Last week we took Lachlan in for his 9 month Well-Baby check up.  I was a bit annoyed after leaving the appointment and kept bringing it up with K most of the week (I know she must have been like “enough already….”). I mean, he is doing great (except for not sleeping through the night of course…..he still comes into the bed with us and nurses a few times at night, then falls back to sleep). 9 mos stats are: 18lbs 7oz (he’s gone down to the 25% for weight), 29 3/4 long (95% for height). Our pedi said she was a bit concerned about his weight and that he is probably not getting enough protein…..first off…he doesn’t have any teeth! So he really can’t chew that much stuff.  Secondly, we are raising him vegetarian and he is picky picky when it comes to eating certain foods.  He will sometimes eat black beans and egg yolks….occasionally yogurt.  He eats lots of sweet potatoes and fruit.  I told her that he is eating about 2 jars of baby food a day (apple yogurt oatmeal, apricot sweet potatoes, etc) puffs, bread and noodles…and she kept saying “Yeah, that’s all carbs…..”. I explained HOW active he was too. He crawls around ALL day, climbs the stairs REPEATEDLY and pulls himself up on everything.  He honestly looks perfect…he is long and lean….with him being in the 95% for height, it would make sense that he would be leaner….I was just frustrated. Also, she pressured us to keep him in his crib and let him cry it out – she said it would take 3 days of HELL, but that it’s “worth it”. I explained that his teeth are clearly hurting him, as he has been teething for ages, and that I nurse him throughout the night, as it calms him quickly and he falls back asleep. She said that I really shouldn’t nurse him or put him in the bed with us, but let him cry for 20 mins, go back and make sure he is “OKAY” (how could you be “OKAY” if you were screaming for 20 mins!???) and then let him cry more till, from exhaustion, he falls asleep. 3 days of that???? I told her that we couldn’t let him cry…..and she said something about “When he is 16 and angry and wants the car keys, are you going to give them to him???” . After reviewing everything she said, I was just sort of ticked off. She also said that if he keeps “on this track” with his weight, that she will check him for diabetes and thyroid issues. Please. I thought that was rather dramatic. He would be perfectly fine if he was just on breastmilk for MONTHS. Not only that, but after telling her again that we are not doing any vaccines this visit, she said “Well, can I at least give him the FLU SHOT?” NOOOOOOOOOOO…..ARGGGGGHHH!!!  It was frustrating…..we really like this pediatrician and she is usually respectful of our decision to not vaccinate.   I guess it just left a bad taste in my mouth.  K didn’t really think it was a big deal….it maybe it wasn’t.  She said it didn’t really bother her, and that I just need to remember that our pedi has different parenting styles than we do….sort of let it go in one ear, out the other – I guess.

In TTC news, today is CD56.  Hmmmm….for those of you that were/are TTC #2….did this happen for you???  Thinking of starting TTC in 2 months….I’m just wondering if my cycles will get back to normal soon……Thoughts?


17 thoughts on “Hello, October.

  1. Darling, you have such a beautiful, healthy boy. I really admire your parenting style. If you don’t mind my assvice, I think you’re better than your pedi. Are there others you could interview? You shouldn’t have to hear all that BS and I understand your frustration. Getting excited for ttc#2! xoxo

  2. It sounds to me that as much as you love the pedi she doesn’t really fit your parenting style. That being said, if you do want to add more protien to his diet (which is entirely up to you, btw) there are ways to do it. If you are willing to do soy then tofu is popular with little kids and even if he won’t eat it you can mush it up with the food he does eat and he likely won’t even notice it’s there. But again, totally up to you, you are the parents, and Lach is clearly healthy.

  3. My assvice is this… there is no need to get hystericle and switch pedies.K is right. Simply offer to sign a waiver that you won’t hold her responsible for any life threatening disease or illnesss that lach may contract as a result of your decision not to vaccinate or add more protein.

    That way she doesn’t have to worry that some grieving parent is going to take her to malpractice court and wage a personal campaign to close her practice and run her out of town,because their kid was permanently harmed by negligence.Reputation is everything in the health care profession and most want to be known as responsible,caring health care providers.It’s the same way veterinarians.

  4. wOW. your pedi is very forward. if you are comfortable with the way things are going, i’m not clear why she is inserting her parenting opinion. having been a nanny for 15 yrs, i’m often the one encouraging parents who want to start getting a good nights sleep to start letting the baby cry a bit, but only after they ask my opinion. i have a really different take on sleep than many people – i really believe that learning to put oneself to sleep is a necessary and useful skill. in no way do i think a child should be left to “cry it out” …… i believe you are very strong and that you are all doing really well as a family and so, really, it’s no ones business – even your pedi.

  5. This is just some adivce that, as an adult vegetarian, I would have killed for! You guys are his mummas and there is no way I’m saying that this is what you should do, but something you could do, if you want =)

    (BTW, even though my parenting styles are different from yours, I have to commend you both on your persistence and determination. He’s so lucky to have strong, knowledgable parents as yourselves. I’m intrigued, if he chooses to try meat or expresses interest in it as a toddler, how will you handle that?)

    Since he seems to express interest in egg and black beans, try a MorningStar Farms (or homemade, I bet it’s super easy and just as tasty) southwestern patty topped with a pan fried egg yolk. Crack the yolk (make sure the patty is soft, not crunchy on the outside) so it soaks into the patty and then mush it up. The patty is savoury, but with a bit of sweet BBQ sauce it might catch Lach’s attention. I love to have the SW patties with BBQ sauce for dinner on a biscuit, but since he hasn’t the chompers, I’m sure mashed is just as good. (Just a suggestion, since I don’t know his actual reaction to those kinds of food. We use our local grocery stores “Carolina” brand BBQ sauce, it’s super sweet and addictive, if you were wondering.)

    I think the main root of your pedis problem is that she can’t see what you ARE doing to combat his picky eater-ness, she can only see, in her opinion, what you AREN’T doing (i.e. giving him meat). Blow it off like K, because in the end if it bothers you that much, take your business away from her to someone who is more understanding. I’m sure it’ll work out =)

  6. I’m lucky to have a little boy who loooooooves beans (the big one, not the little one, obviously). We’re not vegetarian, but he didn’t like meat for a long time and we gave him a lot of beans. You’re the vegetarians so you’ll know better than me other sources of protein. Of course it’s too soon for nut butters and egg whites, but our pediatrician was always very clear that for the first year the primary source of nutrition is milk. I could see the solid food concern after 12 months, but I wouldn’t worry about it before.

    As far as cry-it-out… Our pediatrician sounds similar to yours. At Sam’s 2 month appointment she told me he could be sleeping 8 hours. Yowsers! We LOVE our ped, though. But you always have to keep that parents’ intuition.

    We did sleep train Will at about 4 months (I think). It wasn’t bad. Of my friends, those who are more towards attachment parenting like yourselves have usually been more tolerant of night-waking for a longer time. I think those who are programmed to co-sleep are more likely to be sad at the thought of the child crying by himself. Others of us who value sleep over all things like myself find it worth it to let the child cry a little in order for them to learn to sleep alone.

    Happy parents = Happy baby. If you’re happy, Lach is fine. If you’d be happier with more sleep, try the sleep training. It will not hurt Lach.

  7. Lach looks super cute in that picture! You definitely have some good suggestions for the other commenters. Hopefully your pedi is clear about your choices and can relax a bit at future visits and share advice that is medically related and/or sought out by you and K. I’m sure you’re making the best decisions possible for your family and you’ll figure out what works best!

  8. I’m sorry but I would have been a bit peeved by your pediatrician too. We practiced attachment parenting, and had Teo in the co-sleeper next to me until he was 9 months old. He woke up and breastfed once or twice a night, and went right back to sleep. When he got too big for the co-sleeper, he went in his crib and one of us went to get him so that he could breastfeed. We never did the cry it out method, and he eventually stopped waking at night, and of course by now, never wakes up. Breastfed babies need to eat more frequently than formula fed babies. It’s perfectly normal to have him waking at night, at this age for a feed/comfort.

    Does your pedi know that you’re vegetarians? I suspect that is why she’s so worried about the protein. I don’t remember Teo having too much protein at 9 months. Beans and a bit of yogurt, and cheese were about it. Food before age one is really just to get them used to different tastes/textures, etc. Breastmilk is perfect nutrition for them before age one.

    The part that made my hackles raise most was the condescending comment “When he is 16 and angry and wants the car keys, are you going to give them to him???” Not letting your baby cry it out is obviously vastly different from that. Give me a break.

  9. My guess is that your decision not to vaccinate & not to cry it out (both of which are personal parenting decisions) may make your dr. a bit peevish when it comes to other things, like questions of weight and protein. I would heed K’s advice and let most of it go in one ear, out the other…except (I am going out on a limb here, forgive me) for the food issues. The suggestions to “hide” protein might work great! And my son loves blended rice and beans; looks kinda gross, but tastes good.

  10. Oh and I agree with EG’s comments re: sleep training. BTW I hate that name for it, but anyway…
    I was one of those parents who really, honestly felt like they couldn’t take the broken sleep much longer. I was so tired, so angry, so depressed – it was torture. I know that sounds very selfish, but I really and truly felt like I wasn’t being a very good parent during the day because of what was happening at night. So for me, letting him cry was the best thing, and it didn’t take long – a couple of nights of 15 minutes or so, and then he stopped. It’s entirely up to you and what your tolerance is.

  11. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog over the past year, I have a little boy that was born the beginning of December. I was going to suggest a baby food by the name of Sprout. You can purchase it online at sprout.com. I see that he loves sweet potatoes. There is a mixture that is sweet potato white bean that has about 5g of protein in a 3.5oz pouch. It is a little bit on the pricey side but completely organic and the pouch is BPA free. My boy loves all of their foods. I highly recommend it! Lach is such a cutie and I really enjoy reading your blog.

  12. My nephew used to be exactly the same with grass. It wasn’t until he was one that he got used to it when he visited his grandparents – they must think it is the weirdest thing in the world when they don’t normally come across it!

    FWIW I think you’re doing great, I agree with what someone else said, that your pedi can’t see what you are doing and is probably somewhat thrown off by how well Lachlan is doing when it’s not the path she would have recommended. And maybe she was having a bad day too – shouldn’t come out onto you but it does happen, either way I hope she doesn’t come across in this way again.

  13. Hey! I didn’t realize you guys were veg as well! Mr. Cookie and I have had some serious discussions about how we will feed our kids when they come. Thanks for posting your own trials with it. I love the suggestions about black bean burgers (but, for serious- make your own. I’ve got some kickass recipes if you’re interested). Also, if he really enjoys sweet potatoes, you may find it is super easy to blend sweet potatoes with mashed beans of your choice. You could do it from scratch or you could take whatever baby food you use and put it in the blender with some canned beans (drained). Yum! As to getting more fat, does he like avocado? You could also try blending that in with something else. Good luck!

  14. I have been following your blog for a while and I am inspired by your parenting choices.

    J and I are both vegetarians and we have discussed in detail how to handle this. It was great reading about your personal thought process and I say follow your instincts!

  15. Only, for informartion becouse no one else replied on that.

    The Menstrual Cycle and Breastfeeding

    I got my first period after i finished nursing, completly. And my cycle is still very long. 2 month aufter the finish. Some women are waiting about 8 months and longer for an ovulation.

    I’m German, so my English is perhaps faulty. Sorry for that.

  16. umm, wow Tiff. I’m mad at your ped right now and I dont even know her. Addison is off the charts for height AND weight and our ped says she’s just fine. He also says that when you respond to the crying at anytime, it’s building trust. I’m not too into the crying it out thing. Maybe for a minute or so, but honestly, there’s no ‘spoiling’ a baby when they’re still nursing. Give me a break. Ok, enough ranting lol. Glad you wouldnt let them give him the flu vaccine either. I agree with the first commenter that you may like your ped, but she may not fit your parenting style anymore. Oh, and does he like any of the Morning Star stuff? Dont know if you eat any of that, but the veggie sausage patties are really soft if cooked right and I bet he’d love em’. LOTS of protein and no meat 😉 Talk to you soon 🙂

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