Long-Sleeve Shirt of the Month: FISH!

Like I said, doesn’t have the same “ring” to it….but here goes – presenting the LONG SLEEVE SHIRT OF THE MONTH:



Lachlan is modeling this on a lap LS shirt. We are offering this same design on regular LS infant and toddler shirts (non-lap style).  Complete with front design and back fish print.  These are great quality shirts, however are not available in organic at this time.  We are offering them for $20, including shipping within the USA via U.PS ground.  If you can provide me with a business address, that helps us….if not, we can still ship to you at a residential address.  This will print BLACK INK.

You can choose the color of your LS shirt.  Colors available are: Athletic Heather (grey), White, Red, Candy Pink and Blue (darker shade). Sizes: 6M, 12M, 18M, 24M, 2T, 3T, 4T.


Include the following information:  Your name, the item you want (size and color), shipping address.

I will email you back with the address to send payment to ($20 check by mail, or you can choose to pay $22 through P.ayPal).  Please feel free to email with any questions! Thanks!!

Pssst. If you’re still dying for this design on an organic onesie – just email me.


Protein Power


Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, re: pediatrician, protein, my frustration, etc.  It was great to hear from you guys – regulars and lurkers.  I appreciated all of your input and am definitely taking your advice! You guys are good to have around! Operation PROTEIN POWER is now in place.  We have successfully gotten our little man to eat (and love) fried egg yolk.  Hurray!!! *Thoughts on egg whites before age 1? No history of allergies in the fam….but we were delaying to be on the safe side….* He has also eaten (plain) WHOLE FAT y.obaby yogurt 2 days in a row.  Last night, before bed, he ate (almost) the entire container of yogurt.  4g of protein, thank you very much.  Who cares that I had to *pretend* that it was “medicine” (it is white, and looks on awful lot like crushed up teething tablets). Goal for the upcoming days: tofu and hummus.  I’ll let you guys know how it goes.  Another random thing….I weighed our boy on the scale at work yesterday (which is very accurate) and he weighed in at 19lbs 4oz.  Maybe their scale was off?? He was wriggling around quite a bit, but the nurse didn’t seem to think that mattered. Hmmmm. I think it might.

2 more things.  One: AF returned a few days ago.  CD5 today and OPK’s are in the near future.  I’m itching to find out if I will ovulate this month.  Temping is still proving to be a difficult task.  Lach had been having some good nights…..but the last two he hasn’t gone to sleep easily and is up BRIGHT (ugh!) and EARLY (more ugh!).  Still, I think it’s teeth (where are they??).  Two, haven’t forgotten about onesies and whatnot.  Just had an extremely busy month last month and wasn’t able to post or take orders.  Now that the cool weather is finally here (I’m so happy!) I’m thinking of switching to long-sleeve tees.  Doesn’t have the same ring though.  “The Long Sleeve Tee Of The Month”.  Still.  Much more practical.  Again, thoughts welcome.

A few photos:

shhh mommy!!


the force is strong with this one:


giving me the middle finger (i’m sure he didn’t mean it….):


Hello, October.


Hello, October! One of my favourite months! Surely the cool weather is coming….right?? We took Lachlan to the pumpkin patch yesterday with our parenting group – he loved it! We went on a hayride (he was SO excited to see the BIG wheels on the tractor) and then stopped to pick pumpkins.  This was Lach’s second time putting his bare feet on grass – seriously.  Since we live in a condo, and he comes into work with us every day, he doesn’t really get exposed to much grass.  I have tried once before to put him down on it (at the park) and see if he will crawl around.  No such luck.  He makes the craziest faces, and acts like the grass is hurting him (did I mention I put him on the softest patch of greenery?).  Well, at the pumpkin patch, we decided the boy has to start getting used to the stuff.  The pumpkins were an excellent distraction from the prickliness of the grass and straw.  He completely forgot that his feet were not on carpet, and sat there banging away on the pumpkins.  He ended up picking out a very cute baby pumpkin that has become the new teething toy! We decided to wait on picking out one of the big pumpkins, as we are going to a beagle event: BYOP & P party (Bring Your Own Pumpkin & Pups….. nerdy, I know) and want to wait on getting that one.

Last week we took Lachlan in for his 9 month Well-Baby check up.  I was a bit annoyed after leaving the appointment and kept bringing it up with K most of the week (I know she must have been like “enough already….”). I mean, he is doing great (except for not sleeping through the night of course…..he still comes into the bed with us and nurses a few times at night, then falls back to sleep). 9 mos stats are: 18lbs 7oz (he’s gone down to the 25% for weight), 29 3/4 long (95% for height). Our pedi said she was a bit concerned about his weight and that he is probably not getting enough protein…..first off…he doesn’t have any teeth! So he really can’t chew that much stuff.  Secondly, we are raising him vegetarian and he is picky picky when it comes to eating certain foods.  He will sometimes eat black beans and egg yolks….occasionally yogurt.  He eats lots of sweet potatoes and fruit.  I told her that he is eating about 2 jars of baby food a day (apple yogurt oatmeal, apricot sweet potatoes, etc) puffs, bread and noodles…and she kept saying “Yeah, that’s all carbs…..”. I explained HOW active he was too. He crawls around ALL day, climbs the stairs REPEATEDLY and pulls himself up on everything.  He honestly looks perfect…he is long and lean….with him being in the 95% for height, it would make sense that he would be leaner….I was just frustrated. Also, she pressured us to keep him in his crib and let him cry it out – she said it would take 3 days of HELL, but that it’s “worth it”. I explained that his teeth are clearly hurting him, as he has been teething for ages, and that I nurse him throughout the night, as it calms him quickly and he falls back asleep. She said that I really shouldn’t nurse him or put him in the bed with us, but let him cry for 20 mins, go back and make sure he is “OKAY” (how could you be “OKAY” if you were screaming for 20 mins!???) and then let him cry more till, from exhaustion, he falls asleep. 3 days of that???? I told her that we couldn’t let him cry…..and she said something about “When he is 16 and angry and wants the car keys, are you going to give them to him???” . After reviewing everything she said, I was just sort of ticked off. She also said that if he keeps “on this track” with his weight, that she will check him for diabetes and thyroid issues. Please. I thought that was rather dramatic. He would be perfectly fine if he was just on breastmilk for MONTHS. Not only that, but after telling her again that we are not doing any vaccines this visit, she said “Well, can I at least give him the FLU SHOT?” NOOOOOOOOOOO…..ARGGGGGHHH!!!  It was frustrating…..we really like this pediatrician and she is usually respectful of our decision to not vaccinate.   I guess it just left a bad taste in my mouth.  K didn’t really think it was a big deal….it maybe it wasn’t.  She said it didn’t really bother her, and that I just need to remember that our pedi has different parenting styles than we do….sort of let it go in one ear, out the other – I guess.

In TTC news, today is CD56.  Hmmmm….for those of you that were/are TTC #2….did this happen for you???  Thinking of starting TTC in 2 months….I’m just wondering if my cycles will get back to normal soon……Thoughts?